Land Developer

Congratulations! You’re finally taking the first step towards transforming your long-due dream into reality. You must have already started thinking about your dream home by now. Maybe even spent a few late nights perusing Pinterest for some home décor ideas. But while doing all of this, did you think of choosing the right land developer for making your dream come true…no? No wonder home buyers often miss this factor as the property, budget, and locations top their priority list.

Do not forget that your home is your biggest asset, and not choosing the right property developers can spell disaster. This is why it is an extremely critical step to ensure that you do not fall into the trap of builders involved in unfair business practices.

Unless someone is a seasoned investor, it is quite easy to fall for lavish interior décor of the apartments, gleaming brochures, and flattering sales talks. And while doing all this, we often forget to ask the right questions to check whether he is the right land developer, despite being a prime property developer, if he’s capable of delivering a quality product, and many more.

Here are some simple yet important tips that can help you select the best builders in India to help you with your home buying journey.

Find A Land Developer That Matches Your Preferences

Land Developer

Property Developer’s Experience

The project’s delivered in the past, and the property developer’s experience says a lot about the builder’s efficiency. If a certain developer has been in the market and has successfully delivered projects throughout the period, one can be assured that he’s one of the reliableand land developer in the market, and one can rest assured that what he is offering is a combination of both quality and trust.

Not just that, but the best builders in India come with enough industry knowledge about the raw material and the changing architecture.

Visit Builder’s Previous Delivered Projects

Do not lock the deal unless you’ve seen the last few completed projects from the developer you’re considering. The first thing to check at these properties is the building’s age and then see the extent of deterioration in the property. This is the smartest way to judge, as there are many examples to show that some buildings look like slum towers in less than 6-7 years of their construction.

RERA Website

Land Developer

RERA is another reliable source with a fair degree of transparency to help decide a prime property developer in the real estate industry. On the RERA website, one can find the details of the number of projects executed by the property developer, litigation, project plan, and everything a click away. The data and facts available on RERA can help learn about the property developers and make a wise decision.

Online Forums

Many people usually employ this step at the initial stage of evaluation. However, it would be best if you were really careful while considering the reviews and comments on these forms; as much as they’ve some utility, you can’t completely rely on them. A few of them could be foul and contaminated by the realty agents.

Licenses and Accreditations of the Builder

Ask for the property developer’s license; the legal authenticity and certifications from local authorities and reputed organizations are equally important factors while considering a prime property developer.

Project Approvals by Reputed Banks

Most reputable land developer have tie-ups with banks for offering home loans. Projects approved by banks, especially government banks like SBI, are more trustworthy as compared to others.

Services Beyond Project Competition

Always pick a builder who provides a well-planned home and provides services post the project’s completion. Maintenance of apartments and the amenities should be maintained by the builder for a few years, then transfer the maintenance to society to make their customers’ lives easier. A builder who does not provide a post-occupation service or makes false promises does not qualify to be a reliant property developers.

Glossy Brochures and Lucrative Model Homes

As they say, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” similarly do not fall for the glossy brochures. While sample flats do give you a deep insight into what you’ll get as an end product but do not blindly rely on the appearance and, better, do your own homework. You should rather judge the home by understanding how it will meet your needs and cater to your family needs.

We hope these pointers will help you make the right decision and find the right property developers who is reliable and delivers not just your dream home but also an asset that will give you a great return on investment.