Chennai Property Owners to Pay Revised Property Tax
Img : wikimedia

The property owners in Chennai will now pay the revised property tax. The Greater Chennai Corporation had asked all residents to submit a self-declaration of their property’s built-up area in July this year.

The Municipal Corporation of Chennai estimates to earn nearly Rs.300 crore from the revised property tax and the submission of self-declaration for the same was extended till September 16th. According to the corporation, only 8 lakh property owners have submitted a declaration of out the total 12 lakhs.

An official said that the revised rates for all the properties have been calculated and an inspection to cross-check the property owners in accordance with the declaration will be carried out soon by the authority. The official further said that the corporation will get the form filed by the remaining 4 lakh property owners as the revenue staff will visit for the same.

R Lalitha, deputy commissioner, revenue department said that they will notify the property owners by sending them notices and text messages on the revised tax. She also said that the property owners who have already paid the tax are required to pay the additional amount as arrears by September 30.

The Municipal Corporation of Chennai has also withdrawn the 25% rebate that was offered to all property owners who were residing in their own home in the outskirt areas of the city. Although, the Semi-permanent buildings will now get a rebate of 20% on the property tax. According to an official, the revised taxes will come into force from 19th September 2018 as per the gazette notification.

The Madras High Court directed to revise property tax rates in the city in July 2018, as the last revision of property tax took place in the year 1998 and all urban local bodies excluding the Chennai Corporation revised the same in 2008.