Property Tax
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In order to recover hefty property tax dues from the defaulters, the Chennai civic Body has decided to take stern action against the same. In a recent meeting, the revenue department has sent a strict message to all the tax defaulters.

According to an official from the revenue department, “Many cases with tax dues amounting to several lakhs are pending with the corporation. This has come to notice during review meetings held across all zones. So, zonal officials have been instructed to take stern action like placing dumpsters outside the establishment to recover the due amount,”

To start with, recently the civic body has locked and sealed a renowned hotel and placed a dumpster outside another famous tyre manufacturing company in Chennai as both of them have failed to pay the hefty amount after several warnings.

The authority sources also revealed, “If such measures do not produce a proper response and result in the payment of taxes, the concerned unit will be asked to produce planning permission for their building and closure notices can also be served.”

“Such actions will be taken against those avoiding payment of property taxes for a long time and those who owe more than Rs 1 lakh in dues,” Source added.

Few months back, the authority revenue officers and workers have also taken stringent action against another renowned hotel alongside TTK Road by playing drums outside the complex in order to recover 24 crore tax dues.

Recently, the Chennai civic body has also added a web app on their website to solve issues and queries of property taxpayers in the city.