Akshay kumar House
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The Khiladi of Indian film industry makes headlines for one or the other good reason. In fact, his work and other people-friendly initiatives make him grab the limelight. But, Akki’s one special thing is wooing people on the internet and the star-couple is actually loving it.

You guessed it right. Here we are talking about the plush villa-turned-apartment of International Khiladi in Mumbai. The whole film fraternity and most of the Akshay Kumar fans know that the actor is very particular about health and follows his routine strictly.

Similarly, the actor and his interior designer wife Twinkle Khanna also believe in Vastu Shastra. Therefore, this star couple has designed their abode in accordance to the traditional way of home décor.

In fact, Twinkle Khanna is being praised for decorating their home beautifully while keeping the impacts and effects of Vastu Shastra in mind. In short, this celebrity home is an eye-opener for those who think that a stylish home décor cannot be adjusted with the laws of Vastu Shastra.

Take a look at these stunning home interior pictures of Akshay-Twinkle’s love nest and redesign your home too.

  1. Have a Mango Tree – 

A mango tree is believed to be an auspicious plant and should be planted in the vicinity of a home. According to Vastu Shastra, this tree prevents the entry of evils inside the house as a mango tree is said to be pure. Also, the medicinal properties of this tree purify air and thus the bark and leaves of a mango tree are used in several rituals that are performed in India.

Have a Mango Tree Akshay Kumar Home
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  1. Lighten Up the Space – 

According to the Vastu Shastra, you must light up the home interiors. It fades away the dark and bad energies from the place. Therefore, the star couple has placed a wonderful lamp chandelier in their home which looks modern and makes sure to deconstruct the piling up of bad energies at their sea-facing abode.

Lighten Up the Space Akshay Kumar
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  1. Clutter-Free Center Space – 

The law of Vastu Shastra says that you must keep the center arena of a home clean and spacious as it allows the proper flow of positive energy. Thus, Akshay Kumar’s living room has ample space to walk and the clutter-free zone ensures that good vibes keep doing the round of this prominent home.

Clutter-Free Center Space Akshay Kumar Home
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  1. Placing of Dining Table – 

Vastu Shastra suggests that the dining table must not be placed next to the wall. Hence, this celebrity home have their dining table placed in middle and is decorated with the Kansa dining set. Yes, Kansa is said to be the healing metal which has the potential to absorb all negative vibes.

Placing of Dining Table Akshay Kumar Home
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So, the placing of kansa dining set and the dining table according to the Vastu Shastra has made this celebrity couple witness huge success both professionally as well as personally too.

On a whole the Vastu Shastra-based home decor has been the secret behind the success of actor Akshay Kumar and his multi-talented wife Twinkle Khanna.