GIS mapping of commercial properties
Img : bhphotovideo

The Chandigarh Municipal Corporation is all set to start the GIS mapping of various commercial properties spread across different parts of the city. It means that all the commercial properties of Chandigarh will soon have special user ID and password to pay online tax and to check other related information. The announcement has been done by the tax branch of the municipal corporation and the work on it will start from October 15.

According to recent data, there are around 23,000 commercial properties, which are liable to pay the property tax to the civic body authority. Sources in the Municipal corporation revealed that the agency which is hired for the ground survey have already completed their work and now with the help of GIS mapping, these properties will be a given a separate ID.

Giving more information on the same, a senior civic body official said, “The agency will create a specific system in which the coding of the properties will be done by giving separate codes or numbers. Since each property will be stored in the system, their details will be there forever and only updating will be done after every financial year while paying the tax amount or any other required related details.”

Till now, all the details related to commercial properties were entered manually in the registers, which was said to be time-consuming, risky and temporary.

Sources further revealed that maintaining register of each property is quite difficult and a lengthy task but with this new system of GIS mapping, both commercial property owner and tax branch will get best facilities in an impartial manner to maintain and check their records any time in a single click.

Talking about the residential properties in the city, the civic body has already started the GIS mapping and the first 22 sectors had already been covered under it. Now residents of these 22 sectors are liable to pay their tax only at the e-Sampark centres and not at the MC office.