Residential Buildings
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In a recent development, the Chandigarh Housing Board has decided to certify those residential building which is free from any violations. So, now if any homebuyer wants to purchase a housing unit complying all the building norms, can ask the developer or dealer to provide a CHB certificate.

Under this system, both the homebuyers as well as the dealer have to sign a joint application related to building inspection. Once the form is accepted, an officer from the housing board will visit the site and perform the necessary inspection. After this, the CHB will issue a certificate that the building is developed as per the laws as is free from any violation. The house owner has to submit Rs 5000 along with the application fee.

Elaborating more on the above development, a senior CHB official said, “Currently, all the building where no violation is reported, the information regarding the same is provided in the house-transfer form along with an affidavit of the seller and buyer. In such cases, homebuyers don’t need any fresh inspection. But, the buyer continues to be liable for all the building violations that came in later stages.”

He further informed that the system is developed to save the buyers from unscrupulous sellers, who furnish wrong declarations to receive house-transfer form. Because of this, many property buyers have to face stringent punishments which sometimes may lead to cancellation of allotment.

Just a few days back, the housing board has issued a notice to demolish 647 homes in Sector 41 due to building law violations. Apart from this many other buildings were also reported for violating building norms. To save them from this punishment, most of the homeowners have asked the Chandigarh housing board to accept need-based changes. These changes include the development of additional rooms and toilets, conversion of balconies into rooms, building stairs on the government land, and covering of the courtyard.