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CHB i.e. the Chandigarh Housing Board starts its demolition drive for building law violations in four sectors that are 38, 40, 38 (West) and 41.

An official said that the board has formed a team of enforcement wing and they will bring down the unauthorized construction that is developed recently. The board figured out these encroachments some time back and notices were sent to the property owners for the removal of encroachments. But, they failed to do so and hence the Chandigarh Housing Board is going to take action against illegal construction as per law, the official said.

The sources, on the other hand, said that CHB has formed two special squads and they are responsible to make a list for properties that have constructed illegal encroachments. Based on the report, the housing board is issuing notices to the owners.

The Chandigarh Housing Board will recover the cost of demolition from the violators only. The demolition will take place till the time violators stop making illegal construction.

Earlier this month, the Chandigarh Housing Board took the decision to issue certificates for the residential buildings that are constructed as per law. Hence, the homebuyers can ask the developer to provide certificate from the housing board at the time of property purchase.

Both, the homebuyers and the property agent have to sign an agreement related to building inspection. On the acceptance of the form, an official of the housing board will visit the property to carry out inspection. The property owner has to deposit Rs. 5000 excluding the application fee.