Property tax Kolkata
Img : thewadhwagroup

The tax department of Chandigarh Municipal Corporation sent property tax bills to more than 5,000 residents in 12 sectors via post office. This is the first time when the civic body sent such notices on the backdrop of sending water and power bills to the residents.

A senior officer of the civic body said that on the first day of the new financial year, we sent residential property tax bills to nearly 5,000 houses in sectors 2 to 7, 9, 16, 19, 23, 18 and 32. Also, we have prepared the sector-wise bills and are expecting to cover the entire city within a week. Also, printing of each bill cost us Rs. 30 and we are not passing this cost on the public.

Prior to this, the process was under self-assessment scheme where the residents had to file the tax on their own without any prior notice via newspapers.

The property tax acts as a major revenue generation, now the Municipal Corporation is sending bills at every resident’s doorstep.

Earlier in March, the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation sought approval from the UT administration to hike the property tax rate by 10 percent for residential buildings and for the imposition of the same on commercial buildings that fall under 13 newly-added villages. However, the same proposal has been rejected by the general house.

According to the sources, the officials of the civic body had discussed the issue with the local bodies department of the UT administration and informed them about the developments that took place at the time of discussion on the same in the general house.

The Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh has completed documentation on the same and will forward the file to UT administration in the coming week.