Chandigarh Administration
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January 9 is the D-day to start e-auction of 24 properties in the city, Chandigarh administration said. This auction process includes various commercial, residential and industrial properties. Out of the listed properties for auction, 10 residential sites are on freehold basis, 13 commercial sites and 1 industrial site is on leasehold.

The Estate Department will form a help desk at the Estate Office Chandigarh for creating digital signatures of the applicants while the auction is open for the public now and the documents are required to be paid by 23rd January.

The bidding procedure for the same will commence on 31st January at 9AM and will continue till 4th February at 4 PM.

The UT state office of the Chandigarh Administration didn’t organize property auction in the city from past nine years.

In the last year, the officials of UT Estate office authority planned to auction 73 properties. But the proposal was dropped and then a decision was taken to organize an auction of nearly 25 to 30 properties that include commercial as well as the residential properties.

The office of UT Estate also wrote to the departments of electricity, horticulture, and engineering to sanction a-No Objection Certificate [NOC] for the properties.

The Chandigarh administration earned Rs. 100 crore from the E-auction that took place in December 2009. The administration also earned 4 crores by auctioning a one-canal plot in Sector 19. This plot was kept reserved at a cost price of Rs 1.14 crore.

The administration also earned Rs. 60 crore by auctioning 12 commercial properties and also generated Rs. 40 crores from auctioning 33 residential plots.