Sale of Society Flats
Img : savitrygreens

The Chandigarh administration recently notified the Chandigarh Scheme for Transfer of Flats/Dwelling Unit in the Co-operative House Building Societies, 2018. This notification came as good news for nearly 10,000 families residing in 108 cooperative housing societies in sectors 48 to 51 as now they can get flats registered onto their name. Also, this will help them to resale the flat according to the market rate.

The housing societies build on the land allotted by the Chandigarh Housing Board (CHB) on lease for 99 years and the administration halted the transfer of society flats since January 2014. This decision acted as a denial for over 60% of the flats to carry out the process.

In the notification, the estate branch of the finance department decided the charges for both ownership of flats through registry and charges of unearned increase. This scheme will be operational till June 30, 2019. The unearned increase and stamp duty charges will be applicable according to the rules and will be payable by occupants/transferee after the given date. This also means that the occupants will have to pay an increased amount to get the property registered in their name.

UT administrator V P Singh Badnore and senior officials and several members of multiple housing society associations are having meetings to demand for a new transfer policy.

Ajoy Kumar Sinha, the finance secretary confirmed the notification and said that the Registrar, Co-operative Societies will organize camps on the specific dates to help people with information on transfer of flats and to pay the one-time unearned money. He also said that thousands of people will be facilitated in a hassle-free manner as huge number of flats had not been transferred and this notification was demanded by a maximum of occupants.

The administration has listed all the documents according to each category which are essential for the procedure property title transfer.