Cement Trend Home Decor
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Many people think that Cement is only used for constructing living structures. But, this perception is changing with the change in home décor. Today, the cement alias the concrete material is useful for designing home floorings, open shelves and other home décor items. In fact, the use of cement textures has also changed over a period of time.

Today, the market offers a variety of cement which are useful for decorating home in multiple ways. Like the living room, kitchen arena, balcony and more. But you must have sufficient knowledge of using kinds of cement available.

So, scroll the page down and know the types of concrete aka cement are available today.

Types of Cements Useful in Home Décor:

  • The Regular Concrete is useful for flooring particularly. One can also use this cement to get a textured wall designed in your veranda or in the living room. The concrete slabs can also be installed as open shelves at a home.
  • The next is Polished Concrete. This cement is smooth and is gravel-free. The shiny texture of this cement enhances the look of the places such as a lobby, porch or any exterior wall of a home.
  • Third is the Sealed Concrete. This kind of cement offers matte look and is water resistant. Thus, this type of sealing won’t get damaged by water and is stained-proof.
  • Fourth in line is the Scored Cement– This kind of cement is best to customize the   flooring design and is also useful to offer a textured effect to the walls.

Apart from this, the cement is useful for crafting various home décor items which enhance the overall look of a home.