Go Green Celebration
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Lord Ganesha is the most adorable god amongst all and thus nobody leaves a stone unturned to decorate a home on his arrival. So, if you are also looking for Ganpati decoration ideas for home then this blog post is a must-read.

 Traditional Décor

Nothing can match this kind of décor as it offers a simple yet elegant décor idea. The small seating area on a medium-sized table covered with gift wrap paper and accessories leave an impeccable look. The floral design at the back can be made using artificial flowers made from fabric as they need to stay intact during this 10-day long festival.

You can also use exotic flowers as they stay fresh for a long time in comparison to the regular flowers.

Golden Glow

Add a golden glow to the home décor with marigold flowers, chandeliers, table over and utensils. This is a smart home décor idea for Ganpati puja as the entire surrounding dazzles like a golden tomb. The addition of golden lights in the backdrop will also enhance the overall look of the area.

Golden Glow Ganpati Decoration
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Peaceful White

A home full of guests, positive ambiance, musical beats and the puja sound makes the environment noisy. Thus, the white floral decoration at home for Ganpati puja offers calmness to the eyes. Also, we suggest buying a Ganesha idol made from the earthen clay. This is an ideal way to perform eco-friendly puja as the idol reforms into the clay on its immersion on the final day.

Peaceful White Ganpati Decoration
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Go Green

This year opt for environment-friendly home décor as the addition of fresh greens and flowers offer a more original look to the overall atmosphere. The banana leaves are believed to be auspicious and thus are widely used in puja and the fragrance of jasmine let positivity flow in the air. On a whole, the colour combination of green and white offers a more natural look and nothing else is required to make the home décor look classy during this festivity.

Go Green Celebration
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Colour Bomb

A colour bomb décor idea is just perfect to raise the excitement of festivity. So, opt for the Ganpati decoration idea for a home like that of actor Jay Bhanushali who made use of four bright colours including yellow, white, red and green. However, you can use colours according to your choice.

Color Bomb Ganpati Decor
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