CCTV Installation for New Properties in Hubballi-Dharwad
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The Hubballi-Dharwad Police Commissionerate suggested making installation of the closed-circuit television [CCTV] cameras mandatory in the premises of all upcoming residential buildings and independent houses falling under Hubballi-Dharwad area. This suggestion is likely to be made a compulsion by the Hubballi-Dharwad Municipal Corporation if the proposal for the same is accepted.

To avail a Completion Certificate [CC] from the authority the property owner must have the solar water heaters and rainwater harvesting systems installed within the premises. But not many residents are keen to abide by the second condition that is of rainwater harvesting system. The Commissionerate has already taken several prevention steps in order to curb crime in the city and expecting that the proposal for making CCTV installation mandatory will be approved.

Police Commissioner M N Nagaraj was quoted saying that, the beat police is already urging people to get CCTVs installed in their residential and commercial premises, particularly those who can afford this security system. BS Nemagoud, the DCP [crime and traffic] was quoted stated that the installation of CCTV is expensive for the poor section although the middle income and rich class can easily install them. He further said that we have solved various cases due to CCTV footage and our staff is approaching the people for installation of the Close-Circuit Televisions as they prove helpful in solving cases. Also, the police are installing the closed-circuit televisions in various areas of these two cities and expect the cooperation of citizens.

HDMC – Hubballi Dharwad Municipal Corporation received a proposal for making CCTV installation mandatory in its premises for both residential and commercial buildings prior to issuing of CC i.e. Completion Certificate. The DCP [Crime and Traffic] said that people invest lakhs of rupees in the construction of homes whereas the CCTV installation only seeks investment of sum 15,000-20,000 rupees. The installation of cameras promises safety of both people and properties and also proves helpful in solving cases. BS Nemagoud said that he will meet HDMC official in order to get the proposal of making CCTV installation compulsory.