candle decoration ideas

Do you know the knowledge that the Vastu Shastra spreads positive energy into your home by directly affecting the vibes and spirituality present around your home? That is why use the Vastu candle decoration ideas at home, especially during the festive season, to prevent any negativity at your home and keep the entire atmosphere happier and fulfilled with positive vibes. Lighting the different colored candles in the right direction helps you to create the right atmosphere at your home. We are about to share some fantastic candle decoration ideas with you today. Read until the end and know some of the best home decor candles Vastu ideas you can try.

Vastu Candle Decoration Ideas At Home

It has been believed that soft lights are important to create an atmosphere filled with peace, positivity, and happiness. Candle decoration as per vastu, is the natural source of light that provides an uplifting feel to you. But when you light up the candle decoration as per vastu in your home, you should pay attention to the directions of the candles so that you can stay happy with your family in your home. You must be specific with the candle decoration ideas to bring the desired effects. 

Light Up The White-Colored Candles Into The West Direction 

According to home decor candles Vastu, place the white candles at the west of your home. It has been believed that there is an influence of the metal in the west direction, and the white color tends to be very good with the metals, so light up the white home decor candles Vastu in the west direction of the home. It has been believed that this helps bring happiness to the home and keeps the youngest daughter of the home happier. Apart from candle decoration as per Vastu, it also enhances the look of space, lights up space, and makes it look prettier and brighter. 

Choose The Right Colored Candles For The Different Directions

In the same way, as explained above, Vastu candle decoration ideas at home must include lightingthe black candles in the north direction is good for your home. 

The green color is said to be optimistic for the east direction, which brings success in every pace of life, so light up the green-colored candles into the east direction of your home. Also, placing the light green home decor candles Vastu brings energy, wealth, and luck to the family. 

Light the yellow-colored candles into the southwest direction. 

Ideal Rooms To Light Up The Candles Into The Home 

You should also decide the right space of the home to light up the candles. Your bedroom should not be without home decor candles Vastu if you want to spread the positive energies into it. Do you know burning a candle 15 minutes before you sleep into the bedroom could improve your sleep quality? Though the modern bedrooms are sorely missing the tradition of burning candles but warm-up space and getting its advantages, you don’t have to miss it. Apart from the bedroom, there are many places to include in your candle decoration ideas. For example,you should also light up the candles in the bathroom and living room. These should also be placed in the center of the home. 

Do You Know The Quality Of Candles Also Important?

To welcome the positive energies into the home, using the candle decoration as per Vastu is recommended. It is essential to pay attention to the quality of the home decor candles Vastu you are using. Sure candles improve the air quality of the home and also provide several health benefits. It is recommended you invest in natural candles like soy. When you light up the candle inside the home, you should not forget about the ventilation. Make sure there is excellent ventilation present there. You can also research more to invest in candles with great quality to get more advantages.  

Bottom Line: 

For a home, it is important to radiate the right kind of positive energy into it so that all the home members can stay happy. As you know, Vastu plays an important role in bringing positivity and happiness to your home; therefore, it is recommended you keep the entire home well planned and organized, according to Vastu. Candle decoration ideas are a very important element, so you should also pay attention to lighting the candles. It is important to understand the link between the Vastu Shastra and lighting to bring luck, prosperity, and happiness to your home. Use the above Vastu candle decoration ideas to ensure that you are welcoming positive energy into your home.