Candle DecorCandles are believed to bring positive energies inside the abode and if you are experiencing a rough phase in life then open doors to good vibes with candle décor ideas for home. But, there are certain rules you must know about the same. So, go through this blog post and find out the right way to make home a happy place for living with beautiful candle décor ideas.

Things to remember for Candle Decor

  • Placing Candles in the South-West direction is the best idea to strengthen the relationship between a couple. Give your companionship a new lease by liting up a couple of candles in this direction for half an hour on a daily basis.
  • Liting more than two candles in the South direction of your home every day and get over the introvert zone. Many people lose self-confidence and avoid socializing due to their reserve nature but the candle décor idea for south direction help in overcoming the fear of socializing which is good for all.
  • Place candles in the North-East and meditate while facing in the same direction as it will help you to have a clear thought process. Many people have a confusing mindset and thus can’t take decisions on their own which is dangerous for themselves some time. So, close your eyes and empower the soul and mind to work in synchronization.
  • Illuminating candles in the West direction is believed to be the key to happy family life. This liting up of aromatic candles infuse the fragrance of love in the air and allow the couples to strengthen their bond of love, trust and togetherness.
  • The traditional beliefs have three and nine number lucky for humans. Thus lit up three candles in the kitchen or dining area and bring home prosperity. Also, you can place nine candles in the living room to welcome positivity inside the living paradise.

Candle Décor and Colours

  • Colours play an important role in life and thus you must opt for candles accordingly. So, know the best colour candles to allow a flow of positivity inside the abode.
  • Green-coloured candles harmonize the entire atmosphere and balance emotions while the red-coloured candles reflect your passion and encourage a person for the achievement of his/her goals.
  • The orange-coloured candles reflect enthusiasm and rejuvenation while the blue-coloured candles bring peace and stability in life.

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