bmc property tax online
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Pay bmc property tax online : Every property is a taxable asset, and one has to pay taxes related to it annually. So we can say that a property tax is an annual amount paid by property or landowner to the government. However, this tax could be paid either to the local state government or Municipal Corporation, depending on government policies.

With the digital medium’s help, paying BMC property tax online has become hassle-free work in today’s time. So continuing our series in which we are giving information about the procedure to calculate and pay property tax in Mumbai, today we are guiding on the property tax on Mumbai.

The Municipal Corporation of Mumbai, responsible for collecting and administration of property tax and maintaining civic amenities, is known as Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation in Marathi and Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai in English. BMC is India’s richest municipal corporation and constituted under the Bombay Municipal Corporation Act, 1888.  

Owners of Residential property in Mumbai have to pay property tax annually to Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC). However, BMC uses the Capital Value System (CVS) to calculate property tax based on the property’s market value.

Property Tax Calculator Mumbai:

The parameters for calculating property tax include the property type, property type, the occupancy status, amenities provided, type of construction, year of construction, carpet area, and the floor space index. The formula is:

Property Tax = Base Value × Built-Up Area × Age Factor × Type of Building × Category of Use × Floor Factor.

Calculation of CVS – Market value of the property x Total carpet area x Weight for construction type x Weight for the age of the building

  •        The market value of the property can be calculated by using Ready Reckoner. It is set by the State Government and is a compilation of the fair value prices for properties. However, it varies by zones and ward.
  •       Weights for construction types also vary as per different residential units. For example, for Bungalows and RCC construction, it is 1 unit. For chawls, it is 0.60 units, and for Under-construction or vacant land, it is 0.50 units.
  •      Also, weights for the building’s age depend upon the construction time of the property. Like, properties constructed before 1945- it is 0.80 units; Properties built between 1945 and 1985, it is 0.90 units and Properties built after 1985- 1 unit.

Modes to Pay Property Tax in Mumbai

In Mumbai, one can pay their property tax either at BMC help centers or the Assistant Revenue Officer or citizen felicitation center’s office. However, the best way people find it is through the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai or Navi Mumbai’s online portal. One can go to the web portal of Municipal Corporation and select a payment method. Currently, only net banking mode is available on the website. 

Property tax Mumbai online: Nowadays, property tax can be computed online at the BMC website by entering specific details like; Ward, Zone, locality, area, usage, occupancy type, total carpet area, year of construction, floor type, etc. BMC online property tax payment makes the process easy and hassle-free for all the residents.

How to Pay BMC Property Tax Online?

  • Log on to 
  • Click on the property tax option in the left column.
  • You have to enter your Property Account number for login, and if you don’t have the same, you can go through the search option and enter the ward Number and property address to obtain the PAN. 
  • After entering the Property Account number, you will be redirected to a new page to see your pending dues.
  • You can pay the pending dues through the payment gateway and generate the slip.

You can follow the above steps for BMC online property tax payment, which makes the process easy, and you can pay the property tax according to your time and comfort.