Building plan approvals in Gurugram
Img : 99acres

With the introduction of self-certification scheme in Gurugram by the department of town and country planning (DTCP), homeowners are finding it quite easy now to get their building plan approval in less time. The scheme which was launched at the beginning of 2018 has reduced waiting time for property owners seeking occupation certificates, and also speeded up the process of getting building approvals.

According to DTCP, around 552 people have applied for self-certified occupation certificates (OC) between January 1 and June 30. Of these, 466 have been given the certificates, while rest 51 was sent for observations and 35 applications are under process.

On the other hand, around 1021 people have also applied for self-certified building plan, out of which the department has already approved 907 applications while rest 114 are under observation.

A senior DTCP Official said, “Both the schemes have saved human hours in DTPC offices too. Now one officer can check all parameters and send the file to DTP. The technical approval is conveyed in five days. It used to take a month earlier.”

The self- certification scheme has given relief to many property owners in Gurugram. Under this scheme, an architect is required to submit details of the approved building plan, detailed site area, any violations at the site, construction status, norms as per Haryana Building Code, etc. After the submission, a site visit is scheduled by the Town planning department with a major focus on violations and construction status. If all norms are fulfilled with proper fees deposited, the OC is issued within eight working days. Earlier the whole process took around take two months to complete.

Furthermore, under the self-certification schemes of building plans, an architect submits the building plan, zoning plan, possession certificate and an indemnity bond as required by DTP. The official then checks four parameters — floor area ratio, height, ground coverage and setbacks, based on which a technical approval is given to the architect.