Online Building Plan
Img : irsce

The Noida Authority started the procedure to examine the maps of both residential and industrial properties online from October 1st. The properties covering an area up to 1,000 square meters fall under this online examination. According to the officials, the Noida Authority will go ahead with the same plan for all categories if the current process bears a positive result.

The officials of Noida Authority said that the online approval of building maps account to 80% of the request they receive on a daily basis and usually receive four-five maps of residential property every day. The Authority gave approval to nearly 1,000 such maps in the year 2017.

The Noida Authority has created a single window system for the Online Building Plan Approval System (OBPAS) as a part of online approval process on its website. A person now requires to create a username for uploading the map and the documents for the same.

The other type of properties will soon fall under the online approval system as the system will include commercial and industrial properties over 1,000 square meters, group housing, institutional and properties in non-urban areas.

The online process will also minimize the chance of corruption while examining maps as the human intervention in the same will be zero an official said. The recent cases of building collapse indicate towards violation of rules by the developer/builder.

The applicant will be notified online once he/she uploads map and documents for the same on the Authority’s website. The applicant is intimated by email if there is any observation or objection on any of the aspects of the map. There is also a payment getway to deposit fees for the process.

The applicant can resubmit the map after working on the observation or the objection raised by the authority without paying an additional fee. But, the process of resubmission should be completed within 21 days of the first submission.