Priyanka and Archana SindhuThese days everyone wants their home to give an innovative and a perfect look. To achieve this, they explore each and every trend that is currently gaining popularity in the interior designing industry. However, there are few designers that use the best of their tactics to give your space a unique yet simple look. Priyanka Sindhu, the owner of the Little Big Co, is one such interior designer, who believes in playing up with different elements present in your home and finally giving it a warm and happy ambience.

Q. What makes The Little Big Co. different from other interior designing firms?

Our mantra has always been to think like the client and imagine ourselves in that home. The difference between the others and us is that none of our projects are standardized; each one is customized to the needs of our clients. We believe that each home is different and each occupant has his or her own aspirations.

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Q. Describe your work style? Are you a self-starter or do you prefer specific direction?

The last year has taught us that in order for a project to be successful, it would be a combination of both. Take the specifics (in any) from the client and then create a plan envisioning their ideas. Of course, there are times when the clients don’t have a clear idea of what they’re looking for, in such cases we need to take the lead.

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Q. What are the key elements you keep in mind while designing interiors for a house?

The key elements that we always keep in mind are space, simplicity and maintaining a balance resulting in aesthetics that are appealing. We believe in playing up the open spaces, allowing rooms to breathe and still giving them a warm and happy ambience.


Q. What inspires you to design any project? Do you follow a particular trend?

We follow no trends; something that is beautiful will remain beautiful irrespective of the changing trends. Our simple mantra is to help people achieve their dream homes and this is what drives us and inspires us with each project that we take on.


Q. You are known for giving preference to DIY in your designing? Does it really create an impact on the overall décor?

We believe that people want homes and not hotel rooms when they think about their personal space. With the fast-paced lives that everyone is leading, they want homes that are both easy to maintain while being classy and appealing. The homes we design are focused on simple and easy lines so that anyone can later maintain them. We also give our clients a list of small changes they can make very few months to keep changing the look of the room.


Q. Does the budget affect designing of any space?

Budgets are important but are never show stoppers since there is always something available in all budgets. 


Q. Do you feel space is a constraint while designing any space?

Space for us is one of the key elements to keep in mind. We wouldn’t call it a constraint, rather a challenge. Awkward and smaller spaces just up the challenge a bit more, but the fun in this work is to make those spaces work as well.