Brand Engagement
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Brand identity is the most important thing from the developers’ perspective and endorsement also plays an essential role in making the project reach to the customers. Thus, calling brand engagement and endorsement two sides of the same coin is not a wrong thing. But, the homebuyers must know the difference between brand engagement and endorsement. Hence, scroll the post down to read more:

  1. What is Brand Endorsement?

The advertisement of any project by celebrities is known as a brand endorsement. The Indian property market witnessed many such events where the actors and sports stars did campaigning for various developers like MS Dhoni joined Sumadhura, a premium luxury real estate brand in August 2018, Malaika Arora signed endorsement with Spectrum group to name a few. In short, advertisements by celebrities make people aware of the project.

  1. What is Brand Engagement?

This is completely different as the developers are in focus here. Brand endorsement let builders study the current market scenario while understanding the demand of aspiring homeowners. The brand engagement includes a detailed understanding of clients demand and supply of the same that too within the set deadline.

  1. Importance of Brand Engagement and Endorsement

Both of these activities hold a fair share in the developers’ success. The brand engagement gives identity to a project and people recognize it easily. This concept creates mass awareness about the project and also finds the target audience for the same.

The brand endorsement is a key to create a project’s positive image as the clients get to know about project area, amenities, security, location and more.

  1. Home Buyers, Brand Engagement and Endorsement

Both the home buyers and developers have two main categories that are affordable and luxury. The brand endorsement is the best tool to reach the prospects seeking investment in the luxurious and ultra-luxurious properties.

Whereas the home buyers with a price bracket of affordable homes have the option of brand engagement as it makes you understand the project details.

Apart from these basic differences the homebuyers must review the market value and reputation of the developer and should also compare the other properties available in the market with different developers. The prospects must also check for the RERA registration number and other documents like completion, occupancy and encumbrance certificates.


Both, the brand engagement and endorsement goes hand in hand, however, there is a thin line that separates them and is important understand.