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In order to reduce approval time, BMC i.e. the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation decided to get the job done with NOC [No-objection certificates] for the real estate developers who are required to apply for certain amenities offered in their projects.

In the single window clearance system, the developers in Mumbai- the capital city of Maharashtra get clearance to set up water & sewage connections and water drains at the time when they apply online for a building-plan approval. Usually, they are required to seek special NOCs from multiple departments that include the traffic department to carry out the digging work which is important for laying out the water/sewage pipes and drains.

Ajoy Mehta, Commissioner, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation said that we are planning to generate permit along with the NOC [No-Objection Certificate] that is given in the beginning so that developers can focus on work instead of visiting the BMC office for several approvals and sanctions.

He further said that this will minimize the approval time as all clearances will be passed in one go and this is beneficial for the developer only as he/she can start work and continue the same without stopping the work mid-way for sanctions.

Earlier, the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority [MMRDA] along with Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation [BMC] got the right to sanction environmental clearance for industrial sheds, educational institutions, hospital and education hostels that covers an area between 20,000 sq. m and 1,50,000 sq. meter.