Vastu Tips to Keep Indoor Plants
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Vastu Shastra is a traditional-old scientific methodology to help you bring good luck, positivity and happiness home. Thus, many people follow the Vastu instructions to enhance the look of their home. But, unfortunately, some people think that following the Vastu Shastra to bring in the positivity home might spoil the home décor of their place. Although, this is just a myth as the vastu tips for every corner of the home elevate the entry of positive vibes and also make the place look alluring.

The summer season is all set to make you feel dehydrated and hence keeping plants indoor is the best idea to experience freshness. But, the choice of plants and their placement plays a pivotal role in maintaining the flow of energy. Thus, have a look at these Vastu Shastra tips to plant greens indoor.

  1. According to Vastu, you must place small flower pots in the North, East and Northeast direction of your home. Remember, that the Tulsi alias Basil is the best plant to grow indoors during the summer season. This plant is considered as the most auspicious green in many households and thus keeping it inside during the hot season is a fair deal as the strong UV-rays of the sun, burns this holy plant and thus you are likely to have polluted air inside the home. This is why, the Tulsi plant must be placed inside a home during the summer season as you can have a flow of freshness round the clock.
  2. Creepers are best suitable to grow at the entrance of your home. The bright yellow, pink, purple, blue or the red-coloured flowers blooming in these kinds of plants offer an energetic and fresh look to a home. The brightness and positivity of the creepers flow inside the home via the main entrance.
  3. According to the Vastu Shastra, the big-sized plants or a garden with pebbles and small water fountain must be designed in the South, West or the Southwest direction of your home. The planting of greens here brings in the good luck. You can add palm tree in these directions and enjoy being healthy and wealthy all your life.
  4. Avoid planting thorny plants like cactus and rose inside the home. The sharp thorns of these plants increase enmity and thus became the reason of quarrel and fight at home and in your professional life too. Although you can enhance the home décor of the place by installing these beautiful looking shrubs in the garden area.
  5. Lastly, you must place the Money Plant inside the home as this magnificent plant has the ability to fetch positivity and good vibes from all the corners of a home. Thus, place the money plant in Southeast corner of your living room and should never keep this plant in the Southwest corner as it can quickly attract negative vibes from that corner which is likely to have harmful effects on your life.

Remember that planting greens inside a home particularly during the summer season is the best home décor idea as it keeps the place nice and cool. So, keep these Vastu tips in mind while placing indoor plants at home this season.