Vastu tips for Puja Room at Home
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Best Vastu Tips for Puja Room At Home

Pooja room is a place full of positive energies that makes the home a happy place to live in. Thus it is essential to set up this devotional closet in an accurate direction. The first thing that comes to mind when talking about the directional values at home is the Vastu Shastra.

 So, we should choose a perfect devotional space in our home with the help of Vastu tips for a puja room for a blissful life. According to this traditional science of architecture, the setting up of a Puja room helps bring peace, prosperity, and happiness into a home. So, here are some Vastu tips for a puja room:

To make your pooja room Vastu compliant, decide its location very carefully. The best direction for the pooja room facing is the home’s North-East direction. This direction is referred to as the Ishan Kona, which means God’s corner. The word Ishan denotes God and Kona refers to a corner. Thus, the Vastu Shastra experts suggest placing the puja room or the puja closet in this direction. 

1. The pooja room should always be demarcated with doors to preserve the sanctity of scared pace.

2. According to the Vastu Shastra, a Diya, candle, or anything that you lit in the puja room according to the religion must be enlightened on the right-hand side of the person performing puja rituals.

Vastu tips for Puja Room
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3. Keep the puja room clutter-free and clean.

Vastu tips for Puja Room

4. Make sure to have an electric switchboard near the Mandir to decorate the place with lighting during the festive time.

5. The idols and images of God should never face each other; idols in the pooja room facing north or east while praying are considered auspicious. 

6. The right Vastu colors for pooja room are white, orange, yellow, or any other subtle, soothing shade, indicating warmth, ambition, stability, and peace. Ideally, the floors should be made of white or cream marble as per Vastu tips for the puja room.

Vastu tips for Puja Room
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Things You Must Avoid Placing in Puja Room at Home

1. A Mandir or a puja closet must not be placed on the wall with a washroom behind. The reason behind not putting the sacred place against the bathroom is to restrict the entry of negative vibes inside the home.

2. One should never paint the puja room with vibrant or dark colors such as black, grey, or any other dark shade.

3. Avoid placing dustbins in the puja arena as it increases the chance of spreading negative energy in the atmosphere.

4. Don’t keep the stale flowers hang in the puja room. Remove the flowers and leaves from this space as soon as they lose the freshness.

5. Do not place the divine closet in your bedroom or kitchen; it is not considered auspicious for the pooja room.

6. Never install the puja closet on the floor directly. Place a wooden plank or a piece of marble before placing the Mandir. According to Vastu Shastra, a wooden pooja room or marble pooja room is suitable for your home.

7. Don’t position the pooja room under a staircase or against the bathroom wall; it is considered inauspicious.


Keep these useful Vastu tips for Puja room in mind and make your life happier and blissful by accurately placing the sacred space according to the Vastu Shastra. If you like to spend time in Mandir, you can add a carpet and floor cushions to the pooja room floor. To make it look more unique, you can also opt for smaller mats for each person.