stairs in house as per vastu
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Home Decor As Per Vastu: A multistory house usually has staircases to connect multiple areas or floors to bridge the vertical distance. Along with the other seemingly important parts of the house, the position of staircase, as per Vastu, plays a vital role. But we often tend to forget to design the stairs in house as per Vastu. However, the staircase is given high importance in Vastu shastra because the staircase’s energies are so powerful that they can literally make or break a home.

Thus, you must know the staircase’s accurate positioning at home to ensure the flow of positivity. The Vastu Shastra for stairs at home throw light on the materials that should be used and let the homeowners know about the positioning, direction, number of steps, and colors used to design stairs for the home.

The Direction of Stairs in House as per Vastu

stairs in house as per vastu
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According to Vastu Shastra, the stairs at home should be designed either in the west or south. The design of connecting the ladder in any other direction leads to financial loss and diminishing wealth value. It is also said that circular or spiral staircases can lead to severe health or calamities. A square or rectangular stair that bends at an angle is usually preferable.

The principles of Vastu suggest that the design of the staircase as per Vastu should be in such a way that you climb them from north to south or else from east to west. The house’s stairs should never start from or end at the storeroom, the puja room, or the kitchen.

Shape For Stairs In House As Per Vastu Rule

stairs in house as per vastu
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The staircase in square and rectangular shapes with bends at right angles are the two recommended shapes for internal or external staircases as per the Vastu principles. Those staircases that are steep or too high may result in the person leaving completely drained out each time someone uses that. 

Vastu Principles For External Staircase

stairs in house as per vastu
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  1. The external staircase at home should be designed in the southeast direction with facing towards the east, southwest direction while facing towards the west, northwest direction while facing north, and southwest direction while facing south.
  2. The stairs should always be built either from north to south or east to west. You can add turning to the stairs in case of compact areas. Vastu Shastra for stairs also advises that the stairs be odd in numbers and should not end with zero like 10.
  3. The stairs in house, as per Vastu shastra, the vertical set of stairs should also be in an odd number, and the remainder should be two after diving by three.
  4. Vastu Shastra for stairs at home suggests not to construct circular staircase as they call for ill health and calamities.
  5. According to Vastu Shastra, the staircase at home should not be visible to the guests as it is believed to be inauspicious.
  6. It is advisable to repair the damaged stairs in house, as per Vastu Shastra principles; otherwise, it leads to conflicts at home. 

How To Decide The Direction Of The Staircase As Per Vastu?

stairs in house as per vastu
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Though there several rules that needed to be followed while deciding the direction of the staircase as per Vastu, but the two most important factors that you must remember are:

  • As the staircase is an entrance to another floor, it should be positioned in the best entrance area as per Vastu Shastra. For example, if the staircase is placed in the west direction of the house, but it should end on the above floor in the energy fields of Sugreev or Pushpadant, these two are considered to be the most beneficial energy fields of the Vastu Purusha Mandala.
  • Another important aspect to consider while positioning the stairs in house as per Vastu Shastra is that the staircase should always go upstairs from east to west or from north to south. 

What To Build And What Not To Build Under The Staircase?

We often see small houses using the space under the staircase for puja room, bathroom, and sometimes kitchen to utilize the space optimally. However, this should be strictly avoided. The space under the staircase can store common household items, as per the Vastu experts. The place should never be used to keep discarded items or worn-out footwear.

Position of Staircase As Per Vastu

Try not to construct the staircases that the stairs are obvious to outsiders or guests, especially not in the house’s center. If the position of staircase as per Vastu is in the center, it is considered auspicious. You can get it to build on the side of the house and let the positive energy flow in.

Having a staircase right before the house entrance is also considered an imbalance; however, it can be offset by adding indoor plants in front of the stairs in house as per Vastu

Colour of The Staircase As Per Vastu Shastra

One should avoid a dark colour staircase and rather opt for light shades to paint the staircase or the bannister. The walls adjoining the staircase can also be decorated with either a light colour wallpaper or light paint. 

Bottom Line

If you want to bring positive energy, health, and wealth to your family, these tips are here for your rescue. Try integrating these tips while you plan to construct your house, and you may notice the positive change in your house’s aura.