nameplate as per vastu
Home Nameplate as per Vastu

Home nameplate as per Vastu is significant because it is believed that if your home doesn’t have a nameplate, then it will be difficult for opportunities to find their way to you. Apart from enhancing the décor of your place, the warm and appealing home nameplate as per Vastu, also brings good luck to your life. Of course, you know about the Vastu-based home décor, then you must also know that Vastu Shastra plays an important role while selecting a nameplate for your abode.

If not, get the below-mentioned points noted as these Vastu tips for nameplate will open doors for peace and prosperity at your home.

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Here are the best tips for Home Nameplate as per Vastu

1. Give your Home a Name: 

Yes, it is essential to name the place you live-in. This is because every abode has a name such as a nest for a bird’s home, a kennel for a dog’s castle, cow shelter denotes where the cow lives, and so on. In India, people love to keep ethnic and traditional names of their living place or home, such as Ganga, Saraswati, Kaveri, etc.

 Also, if your nameplate is noticeable, your couriers and packages from your favorite people and shopping sites will get no trouble in reaching you. So, give your nest a name that has meaning because the meaningful names purify the air and pave the way for prosperity and peace.

2. Select Name Connecting To Your Life: 

Your home nameplate says a lot about you, so remember that a name should have some relation with your life. It proves beneficial in bringing good out of you as people sometimes forget the values they had in life before realizing their dreams.

So, choose a name like Mamta, Vatsalya, Karuna, or any other as per your choice, which helps you stay grounded.

3. Name should be Easily Readable:

The design chosen for your home nameplate as per Vastu should blend well with your main door and make sure to use an easily readable font. Keep it simple yet stylish, and do not clutter it with too many designs as difficulty in reading a name on the home nameplate indicates a rough journey in the near future. So, keep your life smooth by having an easily readable name on the home nameplate.

4. Choose Metal Wisely: 

When you plan to buy a nameplate, you should know that its material plays an essential role. If you have the right knowledge of materials, then you can easily pick the one which is best suited for your place.

The common materials of the home nameplate as per Vastu, are aluminum, brass, bronze, and stainless steel. The metal, especially Kansa, is believed to be auspicious as it is said to be a good conductor of health. According to the Vastu Shastra, it is suggested to use this metal to craft a home nameplate.

5. Place Nameplate on the Door: 

The main door is the perfect place to hang the nameplate as per Vastu. Although, people make use of the adjoining wall to install a home nameplate. But, Vastu Shastra suggests you place the home nameplate on the door as it brings a lot of positivity every time you open the door to get in or out of the home.

A welcoming house entrance always creates a good impression on your guests, so choose the best nameplate as per Vastu. These are the five essential Vastu tips for a nameplate that will help you make a good decision. Keep these things in mind while choosing a name for your home, as many things depend on the name of your castle.