Get the Best Pooja Room wall Design Ideas

Pooja Room wall Design
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The Best Pooja Room Wall Design Ideas for Home: Pooja room is one of the most significant places in an Indian household. With homes getting smaller due to the space crunch, accommodating each segment of home interiors sometimes becomes a tedious and hectic task. When it comes to the Pooja Room or Puja unit, everyone wants to create a free private space from the rest of the home clutter.
As per the interior designing world, these days, the best way to separate your sacred space from other rooms is to create a pooja niche design. With a little bit of creativity, you can easily incorporate the idols in this space and change it into a compact pooja room. Take a look at these Pooja Room wall design ideas:

Wooden Partition

These days a divider or a partition is very much in trend. It can easily separate a small space from utilizing a differentiated area accordingly. The same goes for the pooja unit too. You can create a niche wall by incorporating a wooden panel or divider, thereby developing a small yet private pooja room.

Wooden Partition
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Traditional Jali Boundary

You can also create a niche wall using the traditional jali frame made up of white stone. Such a pooja room wall design adds a classic appeal to the room where it is incorporated.

Traditional Jali Boundary
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Highlight with Wallpaper

Wallpapers are the best elements to highlight a boring wall. Then, why not use it to separate your sacred space with it. Use a golden or traditional wallpaper base and create a boundary using a wooden panel. Place the idol on a stone base and highlight it using a spotlight.

Highlight with Wallpaper
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Utilizing the Corners For Pooja Room

Corners are the most underrated space in a home. Most of the time, due to less knowledge, this space is not used correctly. So, why not create your sacred space by utilizing the corners? You can also install wardrobes below them to keep pooja accessories and other essential materials.

Utilising the Corners
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Boundary With Bells

Bells in your pooja unit create a mesmerizing effect in your overall home. So, you can incorporate a niche wall with the help of these bells. You can also add storage units below the idol to keep pooja accessories.

Boundary with Bells
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Pooja Room Wall designs Using Shelves:

If you want to keep your pooja room organized, shelves are the most minimalistic approach. You can arrange them in various patterns according to your choice to place idols and other pooja paraphernalia. 

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Pooja Room Wall Paint:

Keeping the pooja room wall color white will spread positivity and gives a sense of peace around us. You can use some bright color decorative items with a pair of Diya for some exciting touch. Mustard yellow, sky blue, and vermilion red are attractive colors for wall painting pooja room.

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Pooja Room Wall Tiles Design:

If you want subtle and elegant touch, then choosing tiles for the pooja room wall design is ideal. It is vital that whenever a person sits in a pooja room, he must feel a sense of peace around them. So, try to choose tiles that are light in color to maintain a sense of peace and serenity.

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So, these were some innovative pooja room wall design ideas to make your sacred space more attractive than ever. The pooja room is established with the idols and adorned with fragrant incense sticks that give peace. To maintain this aura of peace and serenity, it is essential to keep it organized and up-to-date. You can add some of your creative ideas for the pooja room wall to make it look more beautiful.