Property Deals
Property Deals

The prospects are always in search of a smart property deal and thus the developers are happy to try everything from huge discounts to super saving offer. Earlier, the introduction of exciting offers in the real estate market were confined only to the festival time and New Year celebrations. But, this has changed in recent times as the real estate sector has learned to keep the momentum going by offering innovative property deal all through the year.

So, go through this blog post and find out the best innovative deals offered by the Indian real estate sector.

  1. Customized Payment Plans

The requisitions of every homebuyer differ from each other and thus the budget also varies. Hence, the introduction of Customized Payment Plans allows the homebuyers to create a budget-friendly payment plan in order to buy a home in the least time possible. Similarly, the flexi-payment plan is also one of the innovative offers introduced in the property market. This method gives homebuyers the flexibility to make changes in the payment schedule according to their convenience.

A maximum number of homebuyers are attracted to these offers as one can plan payment cycle while balancing the payment date of other premiums.

  1. Financing Scheme

A financial scheme plays an important role in the home buying procedure and the inception of subvention plans has given flexibility to the homebuyers. The subvention scheme has two options to choose from:

  1. Construction Linked Plans (CLP)
  2. Possession Linked Plans (PLP)

Both these plans are available in the payment ratio such as 20:80, 30:40:30 and 5:85:10.

According to a real estate expert, the Possession linked Plan is a hot favourite amongst the homebuyers as a small amount of down payment is required to book the housing unit. On the other hand, the ratio of down payment in the Construction Linked Plan depends upon the locality and project price.

  1. Buy back, Assured Return Schemes

The introduction of buy back and assured return scheme are some of the innovative ideas offered by the Indian real estate sector as the aim to fulfill the dream of being a property owner. These schemes are the best possible manner to buy housing units as the maximum number of prospects depends on the financial lenders to avail funding the complete the home buying process.

The buy-back scheme is a no profit no loss situation for the homebuyers as they can book a residential unit at a minimum value for a specific time to decide about retaining the same unit or sale it back to the developer. The next innovative property selling deal is assured return, the developer here ask the prospect to book a housing unit by paying 30-40 percent amount in 3-4 years and offers return on the same property till the project completion.

However, the assured return deals come under taxable income and thus the prospect must think twice before investing.

  1. Bigger Home at Affordable Price

The best property deal offers maximum space at a minimum value. Many aspiring property owners grab this opportunity as one can buy a larger unit size in its determined budget. But, the homebuyers are suggested to check about the terms and conditions of the deal before finalizing the deal.

  1. Refer and Win

Relationship plays a pivotal role in life and this is no different in the case of the real estate sector. The prospects are offered with Refer and Win deals to get more clients as people trust someone who is experienced at the same thing. This is, of course, an innovative idea as one can ask for a couple of additions into his/her housing unit under the same scheme.

  1. Other Offers

Apart from these the Indian real estate sector also offer deals like Free Club membership, Free car parking, fully-furnished flats, Easy EMI options and even cashback. All this attracts the homebuyers from different budget groups.


The homebuyers are however requested to check all the terms and conditions before investing.