festival home decoration ideas
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Indian festivals are a beauty to behold. Indian culture is so rich that we have so many festivals throughout the year. To keep up with all of them, we need festival home decoration ideas to make our festivals memorable and vibrant. 

In our country, every month holds a great significance in our culture. On top of that, the cultural diversity makes it nearly impossible to keep up with all the festivals.

Festivals like Christmas, guru parv, Diwali, eid, etc., are celebrated with grandeur and excitement. 

Apart from cleaning, these festivals need some new festive home decor ideas. Here is a list of some festival home decoration ideas that can give your house a refreshing appeal:

#1: Diyas:

festival home decoration ideas
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Let’s start with the basic and most common festival home decorative ideas. Diyas have been here for centuries. An earthen diya can be used to decorate your house on any occasion. 

With time, diya makers have also adopted modern ways. Today, diyas are available in various sizes, shapes, and textures. Modern diyas are made of terracotta clay to mold them in different shapes and designs. 

In our culture, diyas are a way of offering prayers to our deities. It makes them one of the best festival decoration ideas.

You can arrange them to create various designs and shapes. 

Diyas are easily available and affordable. Even if you buy a large number of diyas for your celebration, it will barely affect your budget. 

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#2: Lighting ideas:

festival home decoration ideas
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Diwali is the festival of lights, but lights are used in every festival. On festive days, dark rooms are believed to attract negative energy to your house. Therefore, houses are well lit on every auspicious occasion. 

Instead of lighting your house with simple lights, you can be creative and use various lighting festival home decoration ideas

String lights are the key to various lighting designs. If you have the desired structure, you can wind the string lights around it. It can be used inside your house as well as outside your house.

There is no limit to what you can create with lights. You can make chandeliers, lanterns, lighting trees, lampshades, etc.

You can also wind up your string lights around the house, covering different stuff. With string lights, even a messy arrangement looks elegant.

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#3 : Flowers:

festival decoration ideas

Flowers are one of the most aromatic and soothing festival decoration ideas. You have a variety of flowers available in the market. You can choose according to their aroma, color, or relevance. 

Flowers like marigolds are very auspicious for every occasion. Apart from their significance in our culture, these flowers look very beautiful. 

You can use them as petals, garlands, or flowers. The garlands can be hung on walls, doorways, etc. You can use petals to make rangolis. You can simply keep them as flowers and their fragrance will cover the whole room.

There are many other flowers like jasmine, roses that are used for their aroma. 

There is nothing more soothing than relaxing in a room full of fresh flowers. It can give you a break from your stress and fatigue.

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#4 : Artwork:

festival decoration ideas
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Other than festival home decor ideas, some ideas can be used even after the festival is gone. We are talking about artworks for home decor. 

Festivals are the perfect occasion to add another artwork to your collection. It can be a painting, a centerpiece, or a fancy utility item. 

Out of various festival home decor ideas, this one is the best bet on your money. Artworks never go out of fashion. Unlike other festival decoration ideas, these are a long-term investment. 

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#5 : Rugs:

festival decoration ideas
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When it comes to festival home decor ideas, people are more likely to invest in temporary decoratives. However, these occasions can be the perfect time to renovate your living area. 

While interior designing, people are focused on walls and empty spaces. Consequently, they end up leaving the floors empty. 

Festivals are the perfect time to get a new rug for your house. At this time, markets are full of beautiful rugs and carpets.

Our country welcomes people from all over the world and equally respects their festivals and rituals. Therefore, we have lots of festival home decoration ideas that vary from festival to festival. Festival decoratives are the best way to welcome festivals to your house

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