Home Decor Ideas with Vivid Colour
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Colour combination for home decor is the most significant part of your house. Despite all the fancy furnishing and artworks covering your walls, colors will always be the most dominant part of your home decor. 

Colors not only fill your blank walls but create an appropriate setting for your home. Each color has its mood and temperature. On the surface, it can be a tricky forte but if you know your colors, you can select the perfect colour combination for home decor yourself.

Tips to Follow

Mix & Match Home Colours
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Home decor is not only limited to furniture and artworks. Creating a perfect room colour combination is paramount. 

Here are some tips to help you traverse through the color palette:


Apart from their distinguished appearance, colors are widely categorized as warm and cold colors. 

It is advised to use colors with a similar temperature to create a unified color combination. 

The idea of using colors with compatible temperatures backs up the idea of monochrome colour combination for home decor


If you are clueless, then you should create a combination with other elements present in the room. 

This is the universal rule of color combinations. Dark and light will always complement each other. This colour combination for home decor has been used for centuries. 

Perfect ratio

The perfect ratio for color combination is 60-30-10. This room colour combination ensures that the colors are balanced and all the focus elements are highlighted. 

In this ratio, the dominating 60% is dedicated to walls. 30% is the space occupied by furnishing and the rest is for artworks and accessories. 

The breakdown of these components can give you the best color combinations for home decor


Monochrome room colour combination is designed by using the same color in different tones. This is the best way to follow a particular theme throughout the room. 

Such color combinations enhance the setting of the room. Adding a different tone of blue to add up the calm and cool nature of the room is a perfect example of a monochrome color combination. 

Dark to light

If nothing works out for you, go for a vertical palette. Start with dark on the floor, medium at the walls, and light on the ceiling. 

Our environment inspires this room color combination. It gets brighter as we move towards the sky.

Larger picture

Every room has a dominant element. It is the best idea to match the color pattern of that particular object with the color on the walls. 

This central component can be a large painting, carpet, or even a fancy furniture set. Select the largest part of your setting and match your colors with it. 

Colour Combinations for Different Spaces

Bring Home Royalty
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You might have favorites but painting your house in a single tone is not the right way to do it. Every room serves a different purpose in the house. Therefore, each room requires a different color combination. 

Here is the quick guide to select the perfect color combination for every room in the house:


Your bedroom is your happy place. It is the space where you relax, make love, and sleep. It is the most comfortable place for you in the whole world. 

The comfort of a bedroom is not just from the furnishing but also the bedroom colour combination. The tones and setting of the room are determined by the colors used. 

For a soothing tone, you should use shades of blue. To give your room a romantic complexion, choose the color pink. You can combine them to create a balance in your room.

You can also set the overall theme of your room by using a particular set of colors. 

If you want to make your room look cozy and warm, go for dark colors. A dark room is intimate and surprisingly warm. It is a place where you want to curl up in your blanket and relax. 

Another major set of colors make your room look big and airy. We are talking about light colors. Such colors create a fresh tone. Even if you have a small space, light-colored rooms appear open and bright. 

Living room

Its purpose should determine the colour combination for living room. The living room is used to welcome guests and spend some time together with your family. 

This room should be welcoming and lively. Use bright colors to make the room look more welcoming. Light colors tend to create a more open and comfortable space. 

If you use an extremely dark colour combination for living room, your guests will feel captive and uneasy. A set of bright colors is the best choice for your living room. 

To make your living room joyous, use multiple shades of bright colors. Using a monotonous color can make the room look more serious. However, multiple bright colors can do the trick for you. 


The kitchen is the area that we visit every day. An area that is stopped by so frequently should be more vibrant and delightful. 

On the contrary, this place is mostly filled with heat. Therefore, it requires bright colors to soak up the heat and make it more comfortable. 

Modern kitchens are equipped with heavy furnishing and tiles. The color on the walls should complement the overall setting of the kitchen. 

Paint your kitchen walls in contrast to your furnishing. The combination of dark and light colors is the best wall colour combination design for your kitchen. 


Nowadays, people are so intrigued with the idea of interior designing that they hardly pay any attention to exterior paints. 

Exterior paints have to go through all the weather and external factors that would make them dull. Using black and dark shades makes it prone to damage. If you don’t want to change your exterior paint more frequently, you should use bright colors. 

Modern houses have so many elements that you don’t have to be satisfied with a single tone. You can use darker elements to highlight the bright colors on your exterior walls. 

The best way to select an Indian house colour combination outside the catalog is to pick from the bright colors that complement each other. 

A house is an outline of the person himself. Every person has a specific colour combination for home decor that suits him and his personality. Some color combinations are tried and tested. These combinations never went out of fashion. However, when it comes to your personalization, you should go for the colors that represent you.