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A home is the world’s best place to be at. Thus, we make sure that the atmosphere in this arena gives energetic vibes all the time. Therefore the placing of good luck charms at home plays a pivotal role.

There are numerous things to keep the good hope alive around the clock. But, still one must count on the best of all. Well, we all have different opinions thus this blogpost is just a suggestion as the finally it has to be your call on what you want to place at home.

So, start scrolling the page and know the best animal antiques to bring good luck home.

  1. Elephants – This giant animal depicts power. Interestingly, the elephants are also believed to an avatar of Lord Ganesha. Thus, people from the early centuries place the elephant antiques on doors and entrance gates. The deployment of these antiques protects the home from evils and negative vibes. As the elephant is a living creator of power, strength, protection, and loyalty you must add it to the home décor.
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  1. Flying Birds –  The flying birds denote openness. In fact, the spread out wings of birdies let open the new growth opportunities in life. Showcase the flying birds in balcony or terrace and elevate yourself in all squares of life. These are the second awesome animals to bring good luck home.
Flying Birds
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  1. Rabbits – The cuteness and innocence of rabbits bring purity at home. Also, the young-couples must place antique rabbits in their bedroom as it keeps the sense of regeneration alive. So, keep your spirit high and plan the homecoming for the little bundle of joy.
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  1. Horse –This animal is a royal one. So be the king and queen by bringing horse artefacts. The horses indicate courage, honor, and heroism. Therefore infuse these characteristics in yourself by placing horse antiques at home.
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  1. Frogs – The arranging of frogs at home means finding out the lost one. So, if you have lost a friend or a dear person, then bring home the frog antiques and get in touch with the person you wish to be with.
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Welcome home health, wealth, and prosperity by positioning these animal antiques at home today.