Duplex Apartment
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A home is your dream space where you sit and relax, enjoy with your family members, party with your friends and memorize every moment of your life. It may be small or big depending on one’s own budget and financial backing. However, if you look at the bigger segment, these days’ Duplex apartments are becoming hot favourite among home buyers.

What is a Duplex Apartment?

A Duplex apartment is a single or a double storey building that gives the design of a villa but is smaller in unit size. A duplex has a single kitchen and dining area but has separate entry points for both the floors. However, they are connected by an inside staircase.

Categories of Duplex Apartment

There are two types of Duplex Apartment:

Side by Side Duplex: Such types of duplex are developed on the same storey but separated by a common wall between the two.

Double Storey Duplex: Such duplex are constructed one above another whether having a single entry from the ground floor or having a separate entry on both the floors.  They are bigger in size as a homeowner gets enough space to accommodate their belongings in the various areas of the home.

Benefits of Investing in a Duplex Apartment

Useful of Joint or bigger families

With trend of Joint living gaining trend in India once again, Duplex apartments are one of the bets invest option for such families. With much space, a bigger family can easily accommodate in a duplex. Apart from this, you can welcome your friends and relatives to stay in a duplex building and enjoy a small get-together too.

Comparatively Affordable

When it comes to affordability, Duplex costs comparatively lesser than a villa or any other penthouse or luxury apartment. They are designed in such a way that even the same carpet area gives a much larger look than other unit categories.

Secure and Private

A duplex offers lots of comforts, safety, and privacy to its residents. As they are big in size, so they offer separate lawns, balcony, and gardens that create a private space for everyone living in the apartment.

Earn Extra Income

If you have a two storey duplex apartment then you can also earn extra income by renting any of the floors. In this way, you can generate a source of income that can be used for repaying the home loan of your Duplex.

Good Return on Investment

As a duplex unit comes with all the specifications like of a villa or a penthouse hence they offer a good return on investment too. They have good resale price as homebuyers in luxury segment love to invest in such units. Duplex Apartment has faster appreciation rate too.