Tips to Elevate Low-Ceilings
Img : decineastas

Home is where the heart is but sometimes the ceiling height leaves you with a broken heart. This usually happens when an abode have low-ceiling. But now there are ample reasons to cheer as we today lets you know the tips to elevate low-ceiling in order to offer an opulent look to a home. So, scroll down the page and take a look at these smart tips for decorating low-ceiling:

  1. Opt for Upward Lighting

This kind of lighting is usually seen at parties and other events. But, adding an upward style lighting to a home with low-ceiling not only offers height but also offers ample lighting in a room. These two features of upward lighting make it a perfect choice for a home with low-ceiling.

  1. Choose Low-Heightened Furniture

Furniture plays a crucial role in home décor and thus you must buy it cautiously. We suggest you buy furniture with low-height as this concept offers a huge gap between floor and ceiling. So, the placing of a couch, ottomans and low-heightened sofa set make the home look spacious and also offer heighted look to the place. Remember to keep minimalistic furniture as it adds a classy look to the entire room.

  1. Install Floor to Wall Windows

Give your home a classy look and sufficient daylight by getting the floor to wall windows. This idea gives you a chance to incorporate nature in everyday life as one can witness the golden sunshine, bright blue sky and the rays of dawn without stepping out of the home. So, get transparent glass doors or floor to wall windows at home and experience natural beauty at its best. Also, hang up the curtains and bring them down when the weather outside is unpleasant or you wish to sense privacy.

  1. Paint Home in Vertical Shape

Getting home painted in a right manner is important. So, the property owners with a low-ceiling home must paint the walls with vertical stripes. The strip-based design adds height to the room and makes the space look bigger and better. So, opt for any two colours and give walls a vertical design with them.

  1. Install Door with Full Height

Usually, the distance between the ceiling and door measures 4ft. But, in case of a home with low-ceiling we suggest you increase the door height to that of the ceiling as it offers a bigger look which overshadows low-ceiling of your home.

  1. Use Portrait Style Painting

Artwork offers chick look to your home. But remember to hang portrait style painting as it is closer to the ceiling and thus give an incredible look.

  1. Paint the Ceiling Right

Choose a colour tone lighter to that of the walls. Also, the painting of pure white colour on the ceiling offers an impeccable look to a home with low ceilings.