BBMP to give building plan approval online in Bengaluru from April 1
Img : jrhousing

Good news for Bengaluru property owners! From April 1, BBMP will starts its Automatic Building Plan Approval System (ABPAS) through which one can get the building plan approved by the local civic authority without visiting the BBMP offices. This portal will be open to public from April 1.

Under this system, BBMP officials have to clear plan submissions in 30 days. Each officer will be assigned a certain timeframe to clear the plan. However if the official fails to give approval in planned time frame, the concerned application will get locked for which the officer will get punishment.

According to BBMP Chief N Manjunatha Prasad, “This system will ultimately save time and the public will not have to visit BBMP’s office with their documents. This will reduce the delays for both BBMP and public. Also, BBMP planned to issue commencement certificate and occupancy certificate via this portal.” But, owners of smaller sites still have to continue the same manual process.

Application procedure

Giving full details about the procedure, Prasad said that from April 1, property owners have to upload documents and drawing of the project and then have to pay online to proceed further. Once the documents get uploaded, then the officials will scrutinise and verify the documents.

For commencement certificate, the architect/engineer has to login to their console and go to ‘apply for commencement certificate’. After that, they have to upload all the photos of the building and then proceed to payment. The fee will be as per the area of building or construction stage.

In order to get occupancy certificate, the owner has to submit the completion details of the project and the sanctioned plan so that the fees can be generated accordingly.

Benefits to the builders

Bengaluru development minister K J George said that the new system will benefit lakhs of property owners. Apart from this, we will take strict action against those who deviate from plans, besides holding officials and errant architects responsible.

Once the system is implemented from April 1, all the property owners must engage an architect to submit their plan and start working accordingly, which will be further subjected to an inspection and online analysis for bylaw conformity.