bbmp property tax payment online
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BBMP Property Tax Payment

Our country is gradually moving towards digitalization. All the private as well as government services are migrating to digital platforms. One such module is online tax payment. By courtesy of the state government of Karnataka, now an online gateway is available for your BBMP Property Tax Payment.  

What is BBMP Property tax?

Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike or BBMP is held responsible for collecting taxes from the citizens of Banglore. Any person who owns a property in Banglore is liable to pay property tax to BBMP. 

According to the state government, BBMP can levy taxes on residential as well as commercial constructions. Even vacant land is eligible for property tax. However, all the property is not imposed with the same tax rate. 

The collected tax is further utilized in providing and maintaining civic amenities in Banglore. From roads to sewers, everything is sustained on the funds of BBMP. 

Property tax is one of the major revenue sources of state government. Therefore, delayed tax payment is penalized with increased interest. 

BBMP Property Tax Formula

BBMP has a huge bracket for the property that is eligible for property tax collection. However, the officials are well aware that the returns of each property vary significantly. 

Therefore, BBMP follows the UAV (Unit Area Value) system. UAV classifies every property in terms of its location and usage. 

To calculate the property tax, BBMP uses the following formula:

Property tax = (G-I)*20% + Cess (24% of property tax)


Gross unit area, G = X + Y + Z

X = Tenanted area of the property * per sq ft rate of property * 10 months

Y = Self-occupied area of the property * per sq ft rate of property * 10 months

Z = Vehicle parking area of property * per sq ft rate of property * 10 months

I = G*H/100

H = Percentage of depreciation rate

BBMP website is equipped with BBMP online tax calculator. Instead of going through the formula and complex calculations, it is much accurate and faster to use the available online calculator. 

BBMP Property Tax Payment on Online Portal

The user-friendly interface of the BBMP website makes it an easy platform. People who are familiar with basic terms can easily traverse through the website. 

Follow the steps to submit your BBMP property tax on the online portal:

● Go to the BBMP property tax website:

● Enter your PID. If you don’t have your PID, in that case, enter your Application Number. You can refer to your previous tax receipts for these details.

● Click “Retrieve.”

● The next page contains the details of the property and its owner. 

● If there are no changes in the property, Proceed.

● If you want to update the details, mark the checkbox before you proceed.

● Cross-check the auto-filled data and property tax calculations. 

● Make your payment. 

Even at the online mode for BBMP property tax payment, you can go for installments. 

BBMP Property Tax Forms:

For BBMP property tax payment, different forms are used. Each form serves a different purpose in tax payment. These forms can be differentiated using their color codes. 

Every taxpayer in Bangalore should be familiar with these six forms:

Form I (White): This form is used to pay the property tax using the Property Identification Number or PID.

Form II (Pink): This form is used to pay the property tax using the Khata number. 

Form III (Green): If the owner of the property doesn’t have PID or Khata number, then this form is used.

Form IV (White): If all the property details are unchanged, you can use this form.

Form V (Blue): If the owner wants to make some changes to the details, then he can fill this form.

Form VI: If the property tax is exempted, this form is used to pay the remaining service tax.

BBMP Property Tax Payment in Offline Mode

If the taxpayer is skeptical about the online payment methods, then he or she can go for the offline mode of payment. 

For BBMP property tax payment using the challan route, you have to visit the nearest branch of a bank authorized to accept payments through the challan route. 

List of banks that are authorized to do so:


● IOB 

● Kotak Mahindra

● Yes Bank

● Indian Bank

● State Bank of India

● IndusInd Bank

● Maharashtra Bank

● Corporation Bank

BBMP property tax can also be paid manually. BBMP center in Banglore and Assistant Revenue Officer’s offices are authorized to collect property tax forms and taxes.

They can also visit the branch of a bank that is authorized to collect property tax manually. The list of banks is:

● Canara Bank

● Axis Bank

● HDFC Bank

● ICICI Bank

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Terms and Rebate

Before making your BBMP property tax payment, you should understand the terms and requests regulated by BBMP. 

● The property tax period starts in March and ends in April in the following year. 

● For delayed tax payments, 2% interest is added for every delayed month. It can sum up to 24% per annum.

● If the property tax is paid in a single installment, BBMP offers a 5% rebate on the total property tax.

● Taxpayers can pay their property tax in two installments without any added interest.

● Any property owner can claim depreciation once every three years. 

BBMP made BBMP property tax payment very convenient and safe for the citizens of Banglore. A decrease in property tax collection can affect BBMP fundings. Organized tax collection and active municipal administration make Banglore one of the best cities in the country.