Vastu tips
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Those born between 21st March and 20th April are ruled by the planet mars. Thus, you people set a perfect example of leadership and also love to enjoy every bit of life. Hence, a home for Aries zodiac must have a balance between adventure, athletic and the place should be creative. So, here are the tips that will make a perfect abode for you all the Aries.

  1. Overall Home Décor for Aries Zodiac

A home with shades of yellow, red or orange colour will be best for the Aries and the addition of organizers in every area will make the place look neat and clean. Also, the placing of latest gadgets and books especially the ones that let the people know about How to are ideal to place at home.

  1. Colours for Aries Zodiac

Strengthening Hues: The shades of carmine, red and scarlet are the bright and bold that reveals your characteristics. Thus, play down a bit and don’t let the shinning of these colour spill the beans about haste, impetuousness and rashness.

Colours of Harmony: Green is the colour for you as the impromptu actions and the zest to finish off the work create problem for your loved ones. Thus, this refreshing colour and its multiple shades will help to stay calm and will also make you think about taking any decision or action. So, infuse the green colour in home décor and keep your loved ones protected from the consequences of what you do without giving the action a second thought.

Colour to Improve Earning Power: Again, go green at the work place as this will balance everything and will make things fall in the right place for you.

  1. Furniture for Aries Zodiac

Unique and unusual furniture pieces are best suitable for you as the people with Aries sun sign like creative things. So, opt for ottomans, high-bar stools and colourful sitting arrangement with swing and make the home look a perfect abode.

  1. Fragrance for Aries Zodiac

The citrus fragrances will keep the atmosphere fresh and lively. So, bring home air freshener of multiple citrus fragrances like citrus magic, citrus orange, fresh lemon and more. This will keep the negative vibes outside the home and will make the abode a happy place for living.

  1. Make Home Clutter-Free

This is the most important vastu tip as the messed up room, edgy furniture and improper ventilation system restrict the flow of positive energy inside the home. So, keep all things at their dedicated space and allow the positive vibes to make the living castle a pool of happiness.