Aquarius Sun Sign
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Those born between 20th January and 18th February are ruled by this sun sign and you people have a malleable kind of nature. In fact, your intellectual approach in life is also applicable to home décor and thus you don’t mind experimenting with areas and interior styling. In short, those born in this zodiac prefer to have a modern and technology-enabled home.

So, here are some vastu tips for you to know while decorating the abode:

1. Overall Home Decor

The modern home idea begins with classic, unique, contemporary artifacts and artwork. Also, the placing of creative crafts along with some stylish gadgets will set the home décor of your dream castle in a positive manner. Apart from these creative home décor items the use of violet and electric blue are said to be the best for your home as it will make you feel rejuvenated.

2. Colour Palatte

Strengthening Hues: The use of grey and ultramarine blue in the home is believed to strengthen your intellectual power and will reflect in you being a good orator. But, be cautious as too much of these colours can cut the flow of positive energy inside a home.

Colours of Harmony: Add the shine of gold and orange colours to the home decor especially at the time of celebration and festivals. This will regulate the flow of positivity and happiness inside the abode and is believed to maintain love, peace and harmony between the loved ones.

Colours for Earning: Enhance the earning power by adding aqua blue in the home décor. You can progress in the professional life by manifold if the workstation is designed in this colour.

3. Furniture Design

The addition of creative and modern furniture is best suitable for you as it will enhance the writing skills and this talent plays a pivotal role in the professional life of a person ruled by this zodiac.

4. Fragrance

The addition of fresh flowers and classic aromas like lavender, rosemary and jasmine are said to be good for you. The freshness of these fragrances will make your stay focused and happy in life.

5. Declutter Home  

Keep the space clean and clutter-free as it will ensure the smooth of positivity and happiness inside the home.