Apartment Owners in Lucknow
Img : staticflickr

The Lucknow citizens owning an apartment in the city are likely to get separate power connection along with individual electricity meter by March 2019.

In accordance to the new guidelines, Lucknow Electricity Supply Administration [LESA], the apartment owners in the city will be transferred from ‘sub-meters’ to ‘individual meters’ and the board set March 2019 deadline for the same.

Pramod Kakkar, LESA Chairperson shared this information recently.  The chairperson also said that the power line or the connection will be snapped if the apartment residents fail to get separate electricity meter by the said time.

Till now the builders/developers used to get a main supply line from the Lucknow Electricity Supply Administration [LESA] and this main supply line is also known as the central line. The power supply in each apartment was then fulfilled by the mainline connection. Hence, the power connection was distributed amongst all residents and was regulated via sub-meters individually.

Interestingly, the role of Lucknow Electricity Supply Administration [LESA] ends here as the provision of sub-meters to the apartment residents was the builder responsibility and they had zero warranty from LESA.

The new regulation came as a welcome move for the apartment residents as they have to face problems in the existing sub-meter. In fact, the residents have to inform the RWA [Resident Welfare Association] or the building owner in written to get the meter fixed. After which the meter gets changed by the building owner’s private technician and here also there is no involvement by LESA.

Previously, many incidents of fire due to faulty meter occurred and the builders make the apartment resident pay charges for meters.