Animal Shaped Doorbell
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A doorbell let you know someone has arrived. In fact, many people guess who is on the door only by the sound of their doorbell. Thus, this item is an integral part of home décor and people nowadays love to place funky looking door knockers at their entry gate. So, opt for the animal-shaped doorbell from the below-given list.

  1. Lion-Head Doorbell – 

Made from the brass-metal this doorbell offers a glossy finish. The Jungle King’s calm look gives a warm welcome to the visitors.

Lion-Head Doorbell
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  1. Clever Doorbell –

The owl sitting right in-front of your home keeps a track of the surrounding activities. His sharp-eyes makes the people flush out the evil vibes before entering your home.

Clever Doorbell
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  1. Animal Lover –

Hang up the pretty deer on the door and let him welcome the guests. This beautiful animal-shaped doorbell reflects your love for beautiful creators in this world.

Animal Lover doorbell
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  1. Fly High –

This flyer is quite big in size and denotes your aspirations. Hook up this doorbell and add wings to your dreams while availing best wishes from the guests.

Dragonfly Doorbell
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  1. Dragon Doorbell –

Let the dragon burn the negative energies prior to their entrance inside the home. This push-button doorbell is made from premium quality metal and depicts your straightforward attitude.

Dragon Doorbell
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  1. Being Wise – 

This upside down hanging fox is made from casting iron and offers a rustic look. Place this doorbell and remind the guests to have an honest relationship with you.

Being Wise
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  1. Silver Shining – 

The upward running Squirrel, adds a silver lining to your home which protects the family members from unwanted problems. Also, this animal showcase race against the time and thus help you stay ahead in life.

Silver Shining
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These animals roar every time you have a visitor and also give an aesthetic look to the exterior home décor.