Amrapali Homebuyers
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On Sunday, the homebuyers of Amrapali’s multiple projects gathered at developer’s corporate office building located at Sector 62, Noida. The aspiring homeowners urged the Government to look into the matter and to provide financial support in order to complete the stuck projects.

The homebuyers also said that they will stage a protest on the corporate office building every Sunday till their demands are not met.

According to the Homebuyers, their concerns should also be heard apart from the Supreme Court taking measures to resolve the issues of the debt-ridden Amrapali group who are accused of diverting funds to fulfill other requirements.

The homebuyers were quoted saying that we plea to the Government to consider the homebuyers as a top priority however the promoter’s property is attached and financial resolutions are being practiced to pay the debtors.

One of the homebuyers said that collapse of the Amrapali group is important but the future of 46,000 homebuyers now rely on the government and thus we plea to the State Government to complete the construction of stalled projects at soon as it is possible as we are waiting for possession from years.

A buyer of Amrapali Green Valley who also attended the protest said that all projects are hanging mid-way and thus both the State as well as the Union Government will have to take necessary actions to support financial funds so that the work of these stalled projects can start at least.

At present, the construction works of all these projects are halted.