indoor moss wall
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Over the years, humans have destroyed forests in the name of development. Instead of blaming it on the increasing population, we should reconsider our architecture planning. Nature was never a part of our designs. In the current scenario, people are desperately trying to fit “Nature” in their little homesIndoor moss wall is the perfect solution for it. 

After years of struggle and consistent effort, activists have directed the attention of people towards deteriorating nature. Our generation responded by adding nature to the latest trends. 

Nature is the new aesthetic

indoor moss wall
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The idea of decorating walls with nature came up with some revolutionary ideas. Our science outperformed the expectations of designers. 

Around a decade ago, when the idea of moss walls was still vague, companies were patenting green stylish walls. They were ahead of time and designs. 

These companies were constantly working on their projects to make them more convenient and sustainable. 

Today, we have green walls that don’t require any maintenance whatsoever. These indoor moss walls are neatly preserved using an artificial underside. 

These vertical gardens are much more than decorative frames. 

Real plants are used in these panels. Not just that, these real plants absorb heat and sound just like a real garden.  

Today, you can have a real garden on your walls. Not just visually, but practically. 

What are Living Walls?

indoor moss wall
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Living walls consist of real, living plants that require real resources to last. Living wall panels are equipped with all the required resources like soil, nourishment, and an integrated water supply system. 

Living walls are a real garden on your walls. It requires regular watering and care. Therefore, they are not the best thing to keep inside. Watering and trimming can be messy sometimes. 

What are Moss Walls?

moss wall interior design
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Moss walls are created using real but preserved plants. The plants on indoor moss walls are neither living nor dead. Therefore, it doesn’t require any resources to survive. It will stay soft and lush for years without any maintenance. 

The major misconception people have about moss wall art is that they are just decoratives. Surprisingly, these plants have all the properties of living plants. 

Artificial moss wall panels are the living walls with zero maintenance. 

Types of plants

moss wall interior design
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It is not feasible to grow every plant on a moss wall. Its thin frame and vertical positioning limited the type of plants you can use on a moss wall. 

Here is the list of most commonly used plants in moss wall art:

Cushion moss:

Cushion moss provides a three-dimensional appearance to its moss walls. Using its spherical cushioning, you can give a bulging effect to your design. Its irregular surface makes it look more natural and beautiful. 

Flat moss:

It is the most commonly used moss in moss walls. Its dark color highlights the light-colored cushion moss, making it a perfect background for logos and layouts. Out of all the moss plants, flat moss is the most durable. 

Reindeer moss:

In addition to its beautiful appearance, reindeer moss works as a great sound and heat absorber. Altogether, it creates a perfect natural climate around the house. 

Types of frames

moss wall interior design
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moss wall interior design gives you extreme flexibility to design your artificial moss wall panel. Not only moss but you can choose your frame as well. 

The most commonly available moss wall frames are:

No edges:

Moss walls are usually planted on a medium-density fibreboard. If you want the base to be visible, you should go for a panel with no edges. 

Green edges:

If the overall green border fancies you, then you can cover your base with more moss. The moss will be spread out around the edges and cover all the fiber. 

Indoor moss walls with green edges give the impression of moss planted directly on the wall.


A moss wall panel with an aluminum frame is the best way to protect your edges. The high-quality aluminum framing gives your indoor moss wall a premium look. 

You can choose the color of your aluminum frame according to your taste. White, Silver and Black aluminum frames are easily available. 

Moss walls over Living walls

moss wall interior design
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Now that you are familiar with the concept of living walls and moss walls, you should have a fair idea of what you need. Before you seal the deal, there are a few more things to consider. 

Some factors give moss walls an edge over living walls. These factors will benefit you irrespective of your place and design. 

Zero Maintenance: 

Unlike living walls, moss walls are not dependent on water and nutrition. Plants used in moss wall art are preserved using glycerin or paraffin. 

An occasional dusting is all it takes to maintain your moss on wall.  

No additional charges: 

A moss wall is a one-time investment. After the installation, there is no regular maintenance cost for moss on wall

However, there are repair costs for any physical damage. You can’t get away with a peeled-off chunk in your hand. 


Moss walls are lighter on your pockets as well as your walls. Since living walls require real soil, water, and resources, their frame is heavy and bulky. On top of that, it gets slightly heavier after watering. 

On the other hand, artificial moss wall panels are preserved using artificial preservatives like glycerin. They don’t require additional resources to keep the panel green. 

The weight of a living wall is threefold as compared to a moss wall. You should go for the weight that your walls can withstand. 


Apart from the thousands of rupees you saved from maintenance costs, moss walls are significantly cheaper in installation as well. 

When it comes to installation costs, the indoor moss wall is 40% cheaper than a living wall. 

There was a time when gardens required big space and regular maintenance. In this era of green walls, you can stay close to nature without any hassle. An Indoor moss wall can give your house a natural hue. A small green wall panel can give you relief from the concrete you have been staring at throughout the years.