property tax in Kolkata
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The Ahmedabad Civic body has received property tax way more than its target. Before the closing of financial year 2018-19, the civic body collected Rs. 900 crore in property tax. One of the officials said that this is a massive and record collection as we have not aimed for such high numbers.

In the last three months, the Ahmedabad civic body has focused completely on the property tax collection activities and sealed 989 properties in the city.

The AMC officials said that they have collected Rs. 897 crore in property tax. The civic body collected Rs. 805 crore as the property tax in the financial year 2017-18.

The officials also said that in order to increase collection, the authority has directed all the officials to go out for the collection of outstanding dues. The official also said that on our list we also have the small taxpayers who didn’t pay past one year’s due.

The Ahmedabad civic body also collected property tax of Rs. 90 lakh from Sola Civil Hospital and Rs. 34 lakh from the Global International School.

Last year in December, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation recorded a 21% increase in the property tax collected from property, professional and vehicle between April 1 and December 4.

The corporation issued a statement and said that this year we have collected Rs. 786 crores between the month of April and December in the current financial year. The officials of the civic body also said that this year’s income is Rs. 138 crore more than what was generated in the same period of the last fiscal year.

The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation also attached 26 properties of defaulters and as a result, 16 defaulters came forward to pay off their outstanding dues. The authority officials informed that they are evaluating the cost of other 10 attached properties.