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While reacting to the affidavit filed online, the Karnataka State Government has introduced a system for conversion of farmlands into non-agriculture plots. This has increased the hopes in thousands of state residents as usually, the property owners have to stand in queues for the conversion of their land parcel.

Revenue minister RV Deshpande informed that the system will reduce the process time and will also initiate minimum requirement of documents while completing the entire process online.

He also said that the system is introduced with the aim to offer hassle-free service to the residents.

In the present situation, the landowners need to submit 20+ documents. But, the new system will only ask for a maximum of three documents and will fetch other details online as the revenue officials will have a set deadline to complete the process.

From now, the applicant is will have to submit an application with RTC [Record of Rights, Tenancy and Crops] copy for the present year and a copy of the mutation record. The submission of 11E sketch is required if asked.

The land conversion process is a tedious task in the state as the applicant has to submit multiple documents like endorsement/certificates/NOC from multiple authorities. This requisition is one of the reasons for delay in the processing of applications.

The revenue minister also said that the processing of a request used to take 6-8 months but now the same can be completed within a period of 60 days.

The residents can browse this system for land records website and filling basic self and land-related information. Also, the applicant can print the affidavit (in standard format) on a stamp paper of Rs. 200 and get it notaries.

This affidavit is then required to be scanned and uploaded in the land records portal or in the office of deputy commissioner. The same can be submitted in taluka office.

This application will then go through various departments and the departments have to raise concerns within 30 days. The application is processed for conversion in case no objection is raised within the said time.