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In Haryana, urban development is at its peak. Despite being an agriculture-based state, new projects are issued every day to better infrastructure in the state of Haryana. Such large-scale construction needs to be regulated. That’s where DTCP Haryana takes over. 

A lack of supervision can lead to chaos. Any person with enough resources will start construction just for the sake of money. A residential or commercial property that is constructed without proper planning is dangerous. 

Construction is a business. Therefore, money-minded builders end up making cheap infrastructures that don’t last very long. They ensure that the development is authorized and planned. 

What is DTCP?

Department of Town and country planning is a government body that plans and regulates urban development in various states. DTCP authorizes all the private and government constructions in the state.

It is not feasible to handle all the ongoing construction throughout the state. Therefore, DTCP creates a healthy space for private developers by providing them with authorized and well-structured plans. 

DTCP prevents any unauthorized construction in the state. It can be hazardous to leave the construction in the hands of private developers. Therefore, every construction plan goes through DTCP. 

Private colonizers planning to construct a residential, commercial, or industrial area submit their application to DTCP. If the plan follows their guidelines, DTCP approves the project.  

DTCP levies an additional fine on any unauthorized construction in the state. There are various functions and policies under which DTCP works. 

Department of town and country planning haryana website: https://www.tcpharyana.gov.in/

Functions of DTCP

Various functions that are assigned to DTCP in Haryana are: 

Classification of zones

In Haryana, all the regions are classified into zones according to their development potential. Every zone requires a different perspective and approach. 

Town and country planning department Haryana sets a minimum area parameter as per its development potential. 

Classified zones by DTCP Haryana are: 

● Hyper Potential Zone

● High Potential Zone

● Medium Potential Zone

● Low Potential Zone

Application for License

Every large-scale construction that falls in the category of a development project should be licensed by the department of town and country planning Haryana

Even a person who owns the land and wishes to turn it into a residential area should get his plan licensed by DTCP in Haryana. 

The construction plan should meet the minimum area parameter according to its zone to apply for the license. It can be a company, an individual, or a group of people who came together with a reputed builder to build a colony on their combined land. 

Permission to use land

Town and country planning department Haryana ensures that the land mentioned in the proposed project falls in the area allotted for development. Therefore, the land should be permissible by the state government for construction. 

It is crucial to restrict the land issued for development to balance residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. 

Legally and Financially Reliable

DTCP must check that the land is free from any legal feuds. In addition, the applicant should have complete ownership of the land. 

Another major factor is financial capacity. The colonizer should be able to pull off such a large-scale project. Therefore, applicants are asked to submit proof of financial capacity. 

Parameters to grant a license

There are different parameters for different construction projects. Department of town and country planning Haryana ensures that the necessary commodities are included in the construction planning. 

A residential area plan without community buildings, commercial area, and wide roads isn’t going to receive a license from DTCP Haryana

Fee and charges

DTCP Haryana charges private developers with:

● Scrutiny fees

● License fee

● Conversion charges

● Infrastructure development charges

● External development charges

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Policies of DTCP

Land-use conversion

Suppose DTCP does not publish the land for construction or it is issued for any other project. In that case, DTCP Haryana policy says that the government body should refer to the government. 

A change of land use permission is submitted. If the proceedings go well and the project will benefit the overall structure, then permission is granted by the government. 

Restricting industrial units

DTCP Haryana restricted the industrial projects that fall in the agricultural land in hyper/high potential zones. 

However, an exception has been made for industrially backward regions. 

In medium potential zones, industrial projects are allowed on roads other than highways and scheduled roads. 

Recreation parks

DTCP has also issued some policies for tourism and amusement in Haryana the government introduces certain parameters. 

The minimum area for such projects is 300 acres. 20% of the residential area and 10% of the commercial area should be included in the project area. The government predefines even the rates. 

Relieving small commercial structures

In Haryana, DTCP has relieved the small commercial projects from the land conversion permission. So you can make a departmental store, banquet hall, etc without any hassle. 

Dhaba and restaurant

On the national highway, Dhaba and restaurants can be allotted in agricultural land. However, they need to follow the DTCP Haryana policy of area, consumption, and rates. 

Public safety

Any telecom company can set up their mobile towers in any zone. However, DTCP Haryana policy restricts them from entering any public or residential area. 

All the paperwork and permissions are required to set up a mobile tower in the state. 

Petrol Pumps

Independent petrol pumps on the national highway should have their project area between 2500-3000 sq. meter. 

If a petrol pump is equipped with additional facilities like a repair shop, ATM, it can use 1.5 acres of land. 

Renewal energy projects

All the community and residential buildings like hospitals, schools, hotels, old age homes, etc. are asked to have a solar water heating system. 

Fine on unauthorized petrol pumps

Any unauthorized petrol pump running in the state of Haryana is fined Rs 2,00,000. 

Benefits for Food processing units

In industrially backward areas, food processing units are relieved of 50% conversion charges. 

DTCP Haryana works for the efficient use of land in the state. Haryana is developing exponentially. It is essential to govern such large-scale constructions. A planned project is always better than a poorly scaled plan. DTCP Haryana affordable housing is the next big thing for the citizens of the state.