10 Best Plants for Wealth And Prosperity for Your House

8 Best Plants for Wealth And Prosperity: The best plants and trees are the beauty and elegance of the households. Every plant we grow brings positivity to our life. Plants bring good fortune, health, wealth, prosperity, and play a vital role in fortifying our surroundings and remove all the negativity. Plants and trees also help to cleanse the air so that we can breathe in the fresh air. However, do you know that many plants are very harmonious, according to Vastu and Feng Shui, do miracles in our home when we place them correctly? Get to know more about such plants in this write-up.

Best Plants for Wealth And Prosperity Should Keep In Your Home

Holy Basil or Tulsi (Ocimum Sanctum):-
Basil or Tulsi plant is considered very auspicious, and many medicinal properties are attached to it. This sacred plant purifies the air at a high level and brings positive vibes in the home.
According to Vastu, we should keep Tulsi in the North-East or East direction of the home. This plant requires ample sunlight and air to grow. It is suggested that we should never keep a dry Tulsi as it attracts negative energies and bad luck in the house.


Devil’s ivy or Money Plant (Epipremnum Aureum)

Devil’s ivy is also known as Money Plant in the Indian subcontinent, brings prosperity and wealth in the house when kept in the appropriate directions. We should place the money plant in the south-east direction of the home. According to Vastu, we can also place this creeper in the bedroom but not keep it near headrest or footrest. Another important fact of Devil’s ivy; it is efficient at eliminating indoor pollutants such as formaldehyde, toluene, xylene, benzene, and trichloroethene.

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Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena Sanderiana)
Lucky Bamboo is scientifically known as Dracaena Sanderiana) promotes luck and peace in life. Bamboo Tree protects family members against evil powers. According to Feng shui, we should keep lucky bamboo in the house for long life and good fortune. This tree should be placed in the east or south-east, the direction of wealth and money, to bring prosperity. For good health, it should be placed in the east direction of the house. Yellow-colored bark and a plant with 10-stalks should be preferred to usher in good health, joy, happiness, and prosperity

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Snake Plant (Sansevieria Trifasciata)

It is an ideal plant for indoor spaces because it is the best source to purify the air. At night, the snake plant converts a lot of carbon dioxide into Oxygen. Hence, it is an ideal bedroom plant because it continues to produce Oxygen.
According to Feng shui, Snake plants are great for protecting you against negative Chi but don’t keep them in highly-trafficked sections. An ideal direction for placement of the snake plant is south-east.

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Banana Tree (Musaceae)

The banana tree is one of the divine trees, and many people in India worship it. Realistically, every section of this banana tree has specific economic or medicinal value. During the festivals and functions, many people decorate their homes and pandals with tender banana leaves as it is the emblem of prosperity and wealth.
According to Vastu, the banana tree symbolizes Lord Vishnu, and it should be placed in the North-East direction of the house. It brings good health and mental peace in the family and one of the Best Plants for Wealth And Prosperity

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Lotus (Nelumbo Nucifera)

The Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) is an incredibly beautiful flower in this world and the symbol of purity because it grows in the mud. It brings wealth and prosperity to the home and famous as the most sacred plant for the home. Vastu says that the Lotus flower symbolizes Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi; hence, it should be kept at the home’s entrance. As per the Feng shui principles, it symbolizes lord buddha, as the holy seat of the Buddha that attract towards enlightenment. Hence, it is one of the Best Plants for Wealth And Prosperity.

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Lily (Lilium)

The Lily, an aromatic plant, is not only fancied by people; but, it is the symbol of unions, partnerships, happiness, and harmony. This plant helps people to stay calm and composed. Hence, the Lily plant should be placed in the bedroom and put it where a person does meditation. As this plant is an epitome of love, peace, and harmony; thus, it improves your sleep and keeps nightmares at bay, and spark the aura of positive vibes.

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Aloe Vera (Aloe)

Aloe Vera or Aloe comes under the succulent plant category that intakes large quantities of carbon dioxide (CO2) and exudes equal amounts of Oxygen (O2). This plant purifies the air entirely and attracts positive vibes in the home. Besides it, Aloe Vera has countless medicinal benefits. It helps to cure skin sunburns, skin redness, skin irritation, and safeguard our digestive system. According to Home-Vastu, it is one of the best plants for Wealth And Prosperity that should be placed in the north or east direction.

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