artistic Home wall décor painting ideas
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The home is a place that makes everyone feels secure. In fact, the residing place is more than a roof and wall. This structure is an integral part of our lives as it stands by us during all thick and thin moments.

Therefore, we have a favorite corner at home and also have a space that ignites the spark in us whenever we feel low. This is how a residential place helps us fight back and gives the confidence to take on the world.

Hence you must accumulate exquisite wall hanging paintings to enhance the show of your home. But, you must understand and evaluate the space before putting in painting on a wall. As every artwork has a theme and a context. These two characteristics are similar to a home because people have different ideologies.

So, speak your mind by hanging paintings on your home walls accordingly. This exhibit your perception and also offers a discrete look to the home.

Here are the new best wall hanging paintings ideas:

  1. Appealing Paintings for Living Room

A family spends time together in this space and every person has his or her opinion on everything. Thus we indulge in conversations and sometimes these conversations turn into a fight. So, minimize the chance of brawl at home by putting up some peace-loving painting as it inspires everyone to stay calm and compose.

Appealing Paintings for Living Room
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  1. Paintings for Master Bedroom – 

The couple bedroom is a personal space where you share the joyous and sorrow moments with each other. Also, the relationship between a man and woman has different shades and every hurdle can be crossed easily if you both are together. Thus, celebrate your moments of togetherness and maintain the flow of love by hang paintings that speaks about your companionship.

Paintings for Master Bedroom
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  1. Paintings for Teenage Girl –

Teenage is the most amazing time of a life where girls go through different emotions and thought process. So, keep her spirits high with a couple of photo frames that includes her best friends and inspiring quotes and make her ready to run against the time.

Paintings for Teenage Girl
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  1. Wall Hanging Paintings for Kids Room –

Your kids smiling face and their innocence makes you forget everything. But, it should not make you forget the responsibilities of being a parent. So, put up some dream chasing quotes in their room and teach them to dream big.

Wall Hanging Paintings for Kids Room
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  1. Staircase Area – 

 Give your staircases a new look by putting up the family pictures here. Get your vacation pictures framed in multiple sizes and shapes and convert the adjoining wall of your staircase into a family wall.  This offers a rich and unusual look to the home. Also, it is the best way to cherish memories almost every time you are at home.

Staircase Area
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  1. Lobby Arena –

Make the lobbies or a passage at your home look special. Put up some artistic or contemporary picture frames here and add a sophisticated look to your sweet home.

Lobby Arena
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  1. Modern Paintings for Teenage Boys Room –

Style his room with some modern wall hanging paintings. These paintings will create an ultra-modern look in his room. So, let him enjoy the time while lying back in his personal leeway.

Modern Paintings for Teenage Boys Room
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  1. Hanging Wall Paintings for Kitchen –

Increase the appetite level of your loved once by hanging some foodie paint works on the kitchen walls. This will make the kitchen look beautiful and unconventional. Also, it will grab the eyeballs of your guest and will make them praise you for the innovative home décor idea.

Hanging Wall Paintings for Kitchen
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Apply these eight wall hanging paintings ideas and refurbish your home now.