wardrobe designs for bedroom
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The wardrobe placement involves a lot of brainstorming. Thus, people choose the spacious corner in a room and install the cabinet there. But, the wrong placing of a closet in the room attracts negative energies and thus you must consider Vastu Shastra tips to set up the wardrobe.

Vastu Tips for Wardrobe Placement:

Beautiful bedroom Wardrobe Designs
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The South-West direction is most favourable to install wardrobe. The placing of a closet here restricts the entry of negative vibes and make the room look beautiful.

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Make sure you leave few inches gap in between the wall and wardrobe. This space regulates the flow of positive energies inside the room.

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According to the Vastu Shastra, the wardrobe doors must open either in the East or South direction.

Wardrobe designs.
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The Vastu Shastra suggests the use of light colour shades in Wardrobe cabinets as these colours won’t absorb the bad energies from around the environment.

wardrobe design
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Install a solid-shaped wardrobe closet in the room. You must not install unusual-shaped closet as they interrupt the flow of positive energies.

bedroom wardrobes
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A wardrobe with fitted-mirror offers a stylish look. But, this reflector must not stand in front of your bed. As per Vastu Shastra, the mirror produces bad energies that make a person ill.