Kids Room
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Every parent wishes successful and bright future for their kids. Today most of the parents rely on the Vastu tips for decorating their children’s room, as this kind of home décor brings in a lot of positivity and good energies inside a home.

So, here are the tips to decorate the kid’s bedroom according to the Vastu-Shastra.

  1. Positioning of a Bedroom

The West direction is best to set up a kid’s bedroom. This is a perfect way to bring positivity in your kid’s life. Apart from the west direction, you can also design the kid’s room in Northwest, Northeast and Southeast directions respectively.

  1. Bed Positioning

Ensure that your child gets sufficient sleep. Get the bed installed in the South-West direction as it will allow the kids to sleep while keeping the head towards the Southeast direction. The placing of a bed in this position creates a relaxing atmosphere in the room.

  1. Placing of Study Table

Get a study table installed in the north direction of your child’s room. As the positive vibes of this direction increase the concentration level and thus it will pave way for their bright future.

  1. Storage Space

Make use of the West or South facing wall for creating bookshelves or a bookrack. This direction is believed to be a perfect direction for keeping the study materials according to Vastu Shastra.

  1. Room Décor

Let the freshness flow throughout the kid’s bedroom for which you must place indoor plants or wall aquarium in the Northeast direction.

  1. Room Color

According to Vastu Shastra, you must paint the walls of a Kid’s bedroom with green color. It is so, because this color represents prosperity, well-being, and make the place lively.

  1. Entry Door & Window Placement

The entry gate must be installed in the East or North direction. But, the door should not open in front of the bed. Also, the windows can be positioned in the west direction.

These Vastu tips will enhance the concentration power of your kids and will keep them healthy and smart.