Vastu Tips for Gemini Sun Sign
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Being a Gemini person means you are full of energy and love to live every moment of life. That is why you also prefer living in a well-planned city instead of a place where infrastructure, connectivity and opportunities to grow both personally and professionally are limited. In fact, you are a fun-loving person who wishes to live at a short distance from various important places/buildings. But, that’s not all as you also want to have an alluring and creative looking home décor that not many other people even think about.

So, here we are listing the home décor ideas particularly for the homeowners ruled by the Gemini sun sign who love to make their home look different.

  1. Colour Palette You Must Consider:

The shades of yellow, blue and greens are best suitable for you as the positive, happy and energetic way of living gets an additional support from these bright and fairy looking colours. The homeowners, ruled by this zodiac sign, have dual behavior which is solely responsible for fluctuation in their attitude. Thus, having home décor with shades of the above mentioned colours helps in creation of peaceful environment so that one can focus and concentrate on important things.

  1. Colours for Financial Growth:

We all work to grow and achieve successful on the professional front but many of us still lose the race. So, if you belong to Gemini zodiac then remembers to decorate the bedroom/dressing space with Grey and silver colour as these colours influences financial growth. Beautify your personal space with grey-coloured wall paint and the silver chandelier as it will also work in your favour.

  1. Furniture Design for Your Place:

Being a Gemini, you are good at communication and thus hosting parties or inviting friends or a small together at home is a routine. But, the cluttered space/room always cut the flow of positive energies and thus you must opt for smart furniture such as sofa-cum-bed, folding chairs, vintage-styled sitting arrangement or any furniture which makes the space look big as it regulates the flow of good energies.

  1. Fabrics Designs You Must Choose:

The design of each fabric such as curtain, cushion, bedsheet and other upholstery fabrics leaves an impact on your life both personally as well as professionally. So, you must opt for thin, fine quality fabric, vertical designs and patterns to decorate the home. Also, the abstract style paintings and fusion of colours such as indigo, pastel green, lemon yellow and bright blue is believed to be powerful and help you achieve success on every front. Also, all these things help you stay happy and encourage to move ahead in life irrespective of how tough the situation is.

  1. Fragrances for You:

Let the fragrance of flowers including lilac, lavender and rose will help you upbeat even when nothing is going in a right direction. Also, the addition of sandalwood fragrance by using room freshener or liting up of incense sticks is the best way to energize yourself.

  1. Create Garden at Home:

You may not have a zest to plant greens but having some beautiful looking flora at home is beneficial. The purifying agents of the plants help you stay fresh and happy all the time. So, get closer to the nature and enjoy the life.

  1. De-Clutter your Home:

Being a Gemini person mean you are good at multitasking. But, don’t make things fall in wrong place due to this as the cluttered space hamper the smooth flow of energies at home. So, keep the living area nice and clean as it is very important to stay healthy and growing all through the life.