Make Your Bedroom A Vaastu Friendly Place
Img : idolza

Vastu Shastra exhibits the ideas of energies, which are directly proportional to the architecture of your house. It has been believed that if the placement of your décor has not been in a proper way, it may propel negative energy. So, here are 7 Vastu tips that will make your bedroom Vastu friendly:

The Interiors

A family photograph, a beautiful sculpture or a favourite quote is what should be visible upon the entrance of your bedroom. Serenity and peace are what get reflected from these things and enhance positive emotions in your bedroom. Even a bunch of flowers can also work wonders in this regard.

Angle of the Doors

To let the positivity flow inwards, make sure that the door of your bedroom opens ninety degrees into the room. According to Vastu Shastra, the door of your bedroom is considered as the gateway of several prospects. Make sure that your door shall be able to open fully without any hurdles or brakes, which is synonymous with hurdles in life.

The Corners

Sharp corners, adjacent to your bed impacts your nervous system negatively. Any furniture with sharp edges also hampers the serenity in your room. Hence it is always recommended to avoid furniture with sharp edges in your room. To decrease the impact, you may also place plants near to such corners.

Bedside Hacks

No mirror opposite your bed should ever be placed. Under Vastu it is believed that it hampers your peaceful sleep. To attain a refreshing sleep, try to cover the mirror at night as naked mirror holds your stress and reflects it back.

Say No to Clutters

Under Vastu, clutter is always synonymous to negativity. So, make sure that your bedroom must be clutter-free. Not even under your bed you are supposed to accumulate any clutter as it brings stress in your life. Organize newspaper, books or magazines in a clean way to give your room an unraveled look.

The Ceiling

Slanted ceiling and exposed beams are considered a down-mark under Vastu. In case your bed is sheltered with any such situation, you will not be able to attain a peaceful rest. These set-ups give a jarring effect on energy flow and must be covered under a fall ceiling to overcome the effect.

Direction of Bed

It is recommended under Vastu to sleep with your head towards South Zone. This is due to the fact that positive energy flows from North and the iron present in our body act as magnet and propels positivity too. When we sleep with the head towards North, these two positive polarities conflict with each other leading health issues.

These simple steps will enrich your bedroom with loads of positive energy flows tentatively.