Windows Ledge Space Decoration Idea
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Curtains are the first thing that comes to the mind when we talk about decorating a window. But, with the change in layout designing and the addition of home décor element the people have also changed their perception and thus we are listing some best ideas to decorate the window ledge space.

Living Room
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  1. Living Room – Let us begin with the living room. Cut short the height of picture window and offer it a look of Egress Window panel. Add wooden structure to the windows here and create small closets beneath them. Use this closet space as a bookshelf and showcase the collection you have and this also makes the living room look de-cluttered.
Kitchen Window Ledge Decorating Ideas
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2. Kitchen Window – Place some air purifying plants in this space as the regular cooking of food creates a mixed smell which won’t offer a pleasant fragrance some time. So, ensure clean air in this arena as the kitchen should always have freshness all around.

Bathing Space Window
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3. Bathing Space Window – Place some aromatic candles, pumice stone and towels along with fresh flowers on the window ledge. Also, tuck beautiful frilled curtains on the window and experience a classy rejuvenating time. Also, you can keep the window ledge space void and hang heavy curtains to offer a smart look to the bathing area.

Study Room window ledge space
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4. Study Room – People often like to decorate their workstation with antiques. So, shop for some unusual looking home décor items and line them on the window ledge. This is a very distinct way to make the study room look beautiful.

Kitchen Window
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5. Kitchen Window – Put a giant vase like a flower pot in this area and plant some Ten ‘O’ Clock flowers in here. The direct sunray falling on this plant will make your cooking junction look happy like this flower. Also, opt for multi-coloured flowers like Bright Yellow, Magenta, Orange and Red.

Seating on Window Ledge
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6. Seating on Window Ledge – Add another seating space to the room by placing a small couch here near to the window ledge. Also, deck up this space with a piece of wood as it offers comfortable placing of books and a coffee mug. All this help you witness the beauty of nature without stepping out of the home.

Kids Room window ledge space
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7. Kids Room – Decorate the kids room in a smart way. The beautiful curtains, cushions and a mattress ensures ample seating space as the kids can enjoy time with their friends and siblings here even at night.